I Wonder What the Story Was, or do I Know?


Richard Armitage and  Phoebe Craddock, from the uncut version of Staged.


This scene is in the Trailer, but not the film. Seems like consoling going on. But not by “Darryl’s” co-star


In the trailer for Staged these still pictures appear, but neither they nor any scene like this is in the short film. Perhaps it’s on the cutting room floor. I think this actress is named Phoebe Paddock – she appears in the credits as “Wanda,” and although her face seems very familiar to me, her name doesn’t show up on IMDB or elsewhere that I can find, so far.[ETA: Thanks to I.F.’s comment, her name is Phoebe Craddock.]

I’m intrigued. Just where did Wanda fit into the story and why was the scene cut? Why did the director make the choices he did? The dynamic between Darryl (Armitage) and Lisa (Jennifer Taylor Lawrence) might be very different with another woman in the picture – or is “Wanda” just someone Darryl picked up during the rehearsal?

Don’t know.

16 thoughts on “I Wonder What the Story Was, or do I Know?

  1. It would be nice to know something more about Staged. I’d be curious to know what RA thinks and remembers about it. To verify if it was the student production he referred to in that interview (but I don’t think it was).


        • wish I could find it. But if we can’t, Darren Denison can’t find it, so maybe that’s a good thing. It seems unlike Richard Armitage to openly criticize someone he worked for, even without naming names. Of course, it could be his own performance he was criticizing and not the script or director, but it’s food for thought. What was the experience like, I wonder. And I also wonder whether it was student film. It seems likely, but also extravagant to actually use a casting agency for such a thing.


  2. This makes me very curious – I belong to those unfortunate well-wishers who do not own a copy… And yes, it’s a very good question: which role did she play?


    • Not much happens. I think the trailer gives a good view and on Darren Denison’s Facebook page, or Denison Entertainment Facebook page, there is more information.


  3. Looks like the role of consoling friend Richard’s character uses to make Jennifer’s character jealous – which probably didn’t work because he ends up more resentful than she is since she’s the one who left him for someone else.

    That’s just the writer in me throwing some ideas out though, based on the trailer.


    • There’s not much to go on. When Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were doing Private Lives, he had his fiance with him, much to Liz’s annoyance, it seems. What strikes me about the three photos is how he’s ignoring her.


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