Pinter/PROUST : 92nd St Y Official Cast Photo –

Photo by Nancy Crampton

I like this photo a little better than the one we’ve seen( but was really happy see the earlier ones, too).
Thanks to Fernanda Matias on the Richard Armitage Appreciation Society Facebook Page.
I’m hoping this means we may get to see more photos taken by the Y’s photographer, Nancy Crampton, soon.

15 thoughts on “Pinter/PROUST : 92nd St Y Official Cast Photo –

  1. That’s beautiful, especially the right hand side 😉 I know I can hardly be objective, but doesn’t Richard have that “star Quality” that makes your eye wander straight in his direction?


  2. A really nice informal group shot. And almost everyone has been caught looking really nice and happy.
    I am intrigued (once again) by Mr A’s tactility. See how he has put his hand on his colleague’s shoulder? Does he need anchoring?


    • It’s a good move, though. Maybe it comes from practice and his stylist’s advice not to leave his arms dangling by his sides. And we get to see that powerful hand. I like this photo, too. Some joke was made just before hand. The co-director, Ed, just ran down to the stage from someplace and threw himself on the floor.


      • It’s a *very* good move. I didn’t mean to ridicule that. He actually “closes” the image on the right hand side. And he communicates a warm personality that is open to contact.
        Great move on the part of the photographer to make a joke and get everyone to relax. Was this the photographer you spoke to? Or was this taken on a cameraphone?


  3. This is a lovely cast photo–everyone looks good. And I love that RA is standing next to whom I presume is Di Trevis–the co-director and his former teacher at LAMDA whom he particularly mentioned in his cast bio.


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