Escape From New York – Who can blame him in 9 degree weather?

RA_LAX2 (1)

Richard Armitage – not as hot as all that?
Thanks to Micra for spotting this.

32 thoughts on “Escape From New York – Who can blame him in 9 degree weather?

  1. 😀 I won’t blame him for sure! I’m worried about the next couple of days because forecast says cold and snow, and we can’t manage snow here. Crossed fingers.
    Now, what is Mr. Armitage doing in LA apart escaping freezing weather and snow? Any guess? Audition? Some work meeting?


    • Fantasy, fantasy. fantasy – a pop up performance of The Pinter Screenplay? “Very Busy” with that man-handled script? The Grammy Awards seem unlikely. Work? Or just thawing out?


      • I had to search for the term thaw… 😛 It looks possible, if it’s so cold in NY 😉 That’s what I’d surely do if I could get out from winter in my hometown. I officially started to count the days to my migration to Sardinia!


          • Yep, my sister has a house there. I spent a couple of months by the sea. Heaven. Only nightmare is a terrible internet connection 😦 I don’t think I will be able to enjoy the Into the Storm promotion from there
            p.s.: Just received a forecast alert: snow here next Tuesday. Let’s hope they are wrong. The last 2 times it snowed in Florence we were totally paralyzed.


              • Yes, Eni Koni, but in a different area. The problem is there is NO good internet connection anywhere, cities apart (and I’m very far from them). The area isn’t well covered. I must get satisfy with a very slow connection. The biggest problems are tumblr and videos. It took almost 1 hour to save the first DoS trailer. I couldn’t watch it online of course, it kept buffering.
                I thought once that the landscape around my house would have been perfect for filming the infamous 88 scene of AUJ 😛 Wilderness, rocks, blue sky…


  2. Ouuuh, I wonder what he can be doing in LA. Hopefully it’s for a new gig.. 9 degrees seems like warm weather.. Try -27degrees.. Now that’s cold. I hope we get to see some pics of him?😊


  3. I am 60 miles from LA and we have been having such great 80 degree weather that the state is in an official drought. It hasn’t rained significantly in months. I hope he is here regarding a job, keeping my fingers crossed. Could he possibly have a role in the upcoming academy awards? Seems unlikely, but you never know. He might present something like sound or special effects, DOS is nominated for those, I think. He would at that time plug Into the Storm for Warners, as well as DOS dvds. Just a thought. It’s a few weeks away so probably not.


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    • I know he just could have said to himself that he’s got to get himself out of the freezer and decided to visit some friends in sunny (dry) L.A. – but the person who sighted him said he looked very busy – so that’s some sign that -what? maybe he was reading up on some parts? Let’s hope.


    • Or any industry work, for that matter. Promos for Into the Storm? Outlander has no official release date yet (After Toby Stephen’s Black Sails?) This is a stretch, but maybe its wrapped and he’s here to visit McTavish and be part of any parties or be supportive, as well as do some other Hollywood business? More photoshoots with llaria Urbinati? Anyway, I’m glad he is here to enjoy our jealousy-inducing weather.


  5. I cannot believe I completely missed this! Like Crystal, I hope he was there for movie talks and – hopefully – a photoshoot or two that we’ll get to enjoy soon. If he decides to do TV, I would hope it was on HBO – just any show that is well written, so he can win an Emmy and/or a SAG Award. I so want him to get a great role in a modern movie! Also, how can anyone be on the same plane ride with him for hours and not send him a thank you note at least!!! Thanks, Perry!


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