I Saw Something Fine

As a new blogger, I know next to nothing about the working of Fanstravaganza or whether folks will be interested in this speedy abbreviated version. But it does seem like a good time for the community to come together for something like this. It starts, at Frenz’s suggestion, with a simple theme and some writing or image work. Surely we can pull this off and, if people want, still have a big blow up in February or March. Comments at RAFrenzy.


[Please see updates below which reflect input to this suggestion]


I’ve asked myself many times why I entered Richard Armitage Fandom, Armitage World, or RA Universe as I think of it. And the answer is always the same. I saw a man convey thoughts and feelings in a manner that captured my attention so well that it resonated with me for almost a year before I actually began to put my foot in the waters of fandom.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot for the last year, and I was thinking about FanstRAvaganza yesterday and the essence of it — a celebration of Richard Armitage, and I’m going to propose something.

a) That we spontaneously hold a FanstRAvaganza Flash Fan Event starting Monday. This gives us a chance to pull thoughts together but not so long that it won’t stay organic and fresh.

b) That we use this as…

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