10 thoughts on “Three Great Questions -AMC Theaters Interview of Richard Armitage –

  1. I always love it when the interviewer is also a fan! Interesting questions guaranteed. And interesting answers from RA of course – we learn a bit more every time, he adds another little piece to the puzzle.


  2. As we were saying for Talking Pictures’ interviewer, when the journalist is really interested the interview is always a pleasure. Above all if you have a dedicated actor like RA that is the first fan of his own character 😉


  3. Very interesting and intelligent questions from the interviewer from AMC Theatres – obviously a fan of the movies and, what I really appreciated, a fan of Thorin and what Richard achieved with that character. A pleasure to watch and a pleasure to hear what Richard had to say. I only wish it could have been longer.


    • I felt the same. This interviewer/fan was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that I forgave him his silly sweatshirt. I think Richard Armitage perked up as well. Yesterday it struck me hat these serial interviews were like speed dating. For 7 minutes, a winner sat down at the table.


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