If He Got All He Wanted, Would We Be Stripping Our Sites?

If He Got All He Wanted, Would We Be Stripping Our Sites?

[Re:Strike Back]
“but the one thing I said to them in the beginning, before I signed the contract… I said, ‘I do not want to have a shot of me standing with a gun on a poster.’ I said, ‘I’ll give you anything else, but I don’t want to be holding a weapon’.-Richard Armitage, New York Moves Magazine
photo source: SKY promotional photo, courtesy RANet.com

12 thoughts on “If He Got All He Wanted, Would We Be Stripping Our Sites?

  1. That image wasn’t used as a poster, though. It was used on websites and in various advertising in the Sky magazine and newspapers, but the posters did not have that image. The one possible exception is the event graphic for the BAFTA premiere, which might have had guns in it (I’d have to look). But the big posters that everyone talked about didn’t have these images at the time.


  2. the other thing — he made a statement in a radio interview around the premiere that said this same thing. Someone asked him about this specific issue, do you get control over these images, and he said he was able to negotiate that, and also that he wanted people to know that the show was about more than guns.


    • I’m pretty sure based on the way that he talked about it at the time that he believed he had negotiated that. It’s not a new story and I blogged about it because it made me so happy. That he didn’t see every image associated with the publicity doesn’t surprise me, or that if he did see them, he either didn’t take the time to object or wasn’t in a position to do so, wouldn’t surprise me, either. I’m not protecting him — but I believe he believes he is telling the truth.


      • Again,I’m not disputing his intention, his feeling about guns, how he viewed Strike Back, what he hoped would happen, what he negotiated, and certainly not inferring that he wasn’t telling the truth in the Magazine interview or the original interviews. This needs to be read together with the title of the post and the current hysteria over the copyright issue. My titles are frequently an integral part of my post.


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