RedEye Chicago Singles Out Armitage Army in Strike Back Preview.

Red Eye Chicago TV reviewer, Curt Wagner, must have enjoyed lots of traffic on the site from Richard Armitage fans traveling there from blogs touting the his glowing review of the premiere. Because this week, he’s talking directly to us.

That’s right, members of the Armitage Army, your hero Richard Armitage strips in the latest episode of “Strike Back: Origins.” But he doesn’t fight naked.

But that’s not important to any of you, is it? You want to know where this story is going. (Sorry, no shirtless pics here; you’ll have to watch the episode.)

Read more here. Check out the preview video below, provided by Cinemax, and, remember, while we may need a hosing down after those Esquire photos, it’s John Porter who gets it in tonight’s episode- it’s a dreamy one, if you know what I mean. So tune in and come around for the post mortem.

7 thoughts on “RedEye Chicago Singles Out Armitage Army in Strike Back Preview.

  1. I’m right in thinking we liked the Red Eye review? In which case I think it is great that Curt Wagner has cottoned on to how popular RA is, even if he does think we are only in it for the chesticles ( perish the thought!).


    • What drew me to this story more, as the title suggest,,is the writer’s mention and acknowledgement of the Richard Armitage Fan base, – us, which probably gave him lots of notice after the review.


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