Happy 4 month Blogiversary

Wow- what a day!  Just realized today is the 4 month anniversary of this blog. And what gifts Perry received.

Thank you Peter Jackson for the gift of announcing the World Wide Fan Event and sending Richard Armitage  just a few blocks away from the home of Armitage Agonistes.

Thank you Cinemax for airing Strike Back: Origins in the U.S. tonight.

Thank you Warner Brothers for releasing a brand new promotional video.

And thank you readers and rebloggers for this:

  142 posts,

over 55,000 hits,




55 thoughts on “Happy 4 month Blogiversary

  1. Happy Anniversary and looking forward to many more! You are going to be exceedingly busy the next couple of months and I’m looking forward to the thoughts, opinions and pics!


  2. Happy month-versary and thanks for all things you share! It’s a pleasure to come to your blog, reading, chatting and acting silly sometime. We have some busy months ahead… it will be fun! Big hugs :-*


    • Thanks Micra. We do have some silly fun, don’t we, when folks are asleep? And you’re a bog help to me – you can find almost anything out there, using one or another of your on line names Microlina,


          • I live in Florence, but I won’t go to Rome (it’s almost 300 km). My migraine troubles heavily influence my life and then there is the different time zone. It will be night for us when the event will start. I’ll try to stay awake and follow the youtube live stream. Hoping RA will have the space and time he deserves 🙂


            • This is going to sound silly, but I think of Florence as a beautiful city where you go to admire fine art and architecture, not a place where people live normal lives! I think it’s the sense of history there- it seems wrong to imagine computers and other modern contraptions.

              I hate to think how they’ll co-ordinate questions and answers across several sites, let alone how RA will get his share of time!


              • Anderson Cooper, as host, will lead everything and it’ll be done just the way live news interviews are conducted with a number of people. Every location will see what’s happening on the screens in the theaters. So, we should also get some interaction among the cast regardless of where they are.


              • 😀 It is a real problem to mix art, architecture and modern life. Indeed I think our Politicians and Administrators failed. But yes, when I went to University I walked through Florence historical center, passing magnificent Churches and Palaces, crossed river Arno walking on Ponte Vecchio and then arriving in Piazza Pitti with its wonderful Palace. My University (Specola Museum) was near Boboli Gardens. If you read Inferno by Dan Brown (well, not a great book, but I’m glad it’s about Florence) you can read about the places I saw every day.

                And about the DoS event organization… let’s hope it’s better than that twitter session with RA, Andy and Jim! But with so many cities involved, the different time zones, languages and so on… I fear the worst. And I expect RA won’t have a big share of time. You know, Elves, elves, elves… 😛


              • But for this event Richard will on the same stage,maybe with just one other person, Orlando Bloom, so he should get a fair share or more. And it will probably last longer than a press conference, since they’re going to so much trouble and expense – so I’m hopeful. If I get to go, I probably won’t be concentrating on anyone else – I’ll be observing Richard Armitage while he’s watching what’s going on. WOW. I think I just talked myself into trying harder to get tickets.


              • go Perry go!!! Me too couldn’t watch anything else. Looking at RA watching around could be quite an experience. You can learn many things from his body language 😉


              • I have visited your beautiful city, and seen many of the fine buildings, but alas it was many years ago.
                I’ve looked on the Facebook page about the event, and lots of people are mentioning Legolas- you’ll have to beat off the Bloom fan girls with a stick in NY, Perry.


              • that’s the problem. No one knows RA, theater will be packaged with Orlando’s fan. And RA will be neglected, as usual 😦


  3. Only 4 months? You have become such a ficture on the map in Armitageworld that I can’t imagine a time when you were not around, Perry. Congratulations and thanks for so many interesting posts.


  4. You can always ask me to edit a mistake. It would have been different had I stuck to my original intention of one or two posts a week. I blame my ubiquity on that darn BBC-A poll.


  5. Had to put my reply to Micra here- Perry will save the day by asking many RA specific questions, so Orlando will have to wait his turn.


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  7. Congrats Perry. Always look for your comments as they are always insightful and interesting. Yes, wish you luck on tickets too. I’d love to get them NYC too though I’d have to fly there but I’d go certainly but know it is not real likely. You are there so if I can’t go I’d much rather see you get them.


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