About Last Night – The Strike Back Promotion – Sort of

Source: Fruityadobo.tumblr (my crop)

Source: Fruityadobo.tumblr (my crop)

Getting through  last night’s Richard Armitage promotion for Strike Back was a thrilling and exhausting experience for me – unparalleled in my short fan girl life – and I’m not referring to the euphoria of my first time ever witnessing him speak more or less contemporaneously, rather than my going back to old videos from before my time. The few points I might make about what he said, how he looked (and where he looked) can wait.

What’s left me amazed today was the instantaneous team-inspired response of all of us to last night’s events. I got a dose of it when the DOS trailer was released on October 1, but  then, in addition to the Amitageans, the juggernaut that is the Tolkien  fan base was mobilized. Last night, it was just us. And we were unbeatable. We made Strike Back’s Section 20 look like amateurs.

Zero hour was to be just before 11 p.m.  Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Three hours before then, at 7:54, KatharineD asked me whether  it had aired yet, because she saw  a screencap. She provided a link, and I tracked down Eni Koni, who, by 8:32 sent me to the Cinemax site where the video was available. Others had already been there, left, screencapped and posted! 

I hastily got a post up and within seconds, it was re-blogged by Servetus and FedoraLady , seriously increasing the circulation, – with my post and theirs going out on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. And remember- I was not the first.

Discussion ensued right away on all our social media sites and blogs (mostly about curls and Andrew Lincoln). Tumblr bloggers had multiple screencaps within half an hour.

Gifs followed on Tumblr  within about two hours.



The  promotion aired at about 10:56 and lasted maybe three minutes – and we discovered that Cinemax had seriously cut the original, leaving out most of the talk about Andrew Lincoln (HA!) but not all.  Missing were most of the fun parts – but that’s for another day or another blogger).

Word went out immediately.

By midnight, a new link to the full video – this time on easier to access You tube was made available and re-blogged.

This morning, we relaxed and enjoyed the video, multiple screencaps and edits, picture blogs, gifs with and without captions, and some posts Monday Morning quarterbacking. ( We could use more – Cinemax’s choices in editing, topics discussed, the differences between the speakers, giggling, wardrobe – there’s stuff there).

The communication among us  and the distribution of product was  a fantastic display of  hair-trigger response, selflessness, teamwork, talent. We were a fine-tuned unit – almost like military- well- we were an army.

19 thoughts on “About Last Night – The Strike Back Promotion – Sort of

  1. Yeah, the Army is pretty great. I completely relax about these things these days because I know that you guys are on the case already. Being based in Europe cuts me off from most stuff, anyway… So big thanks to all of you who found the relevant material, made screen caps and gifs and reposted links. I had a wonderful morning, thanks to you 🙂


  2. Giggles! Is that American or British football? Ha! Thanks for linking to my SBO post. Cheers!
    P.S. And don’t count out RA Fans on Facebook for speed (Ha!), that’s where I first received the interview link. Snap!


  3. When we mobilize, we are a formidable force. Kudos to you all!
    It was the same for the BBC America Anglo Fan Favorites Poll. Much was done in a 3 – 4 hour time span – and so very, very close we were – to the point where Anglophenia later kindly acknowledge the effort. My fingers have never typed so fast since that night.


  4. I was cut out (I was sleeping) but I hope to be useful if there will be some European event. 😦 It was great waking up finding video, gif, caps all ready on tumblr and FB e blogs. Thanks to all the Army members that were perfectly efficient! Kudos girls 😉


  5. The movie industry is a battle zone and as Richard sagely said a long time ago: “I feel confident that if I ever have to go to war I have an Army of women behind me.” (I hope I remembered the quote correctly). I think several factors come into play here: 1. The Army has been around since 2004. , 2. We truly admire and respect Richard beyond his good looks. and, 3. The age range of our members spans several decades. When you have a group of mostly highly educated, professional women in a fandom, things get done efficiently, effectively and very quickly. Many of us have forged bonds of friendship that extend beyond our common love for Richard and I believe we truly are a family. Not only do we want to see him succeed beyond his wildest expectations but we want him to be happy. I think our feelings go beyond lusting for him and that makes me feel pleased to be part of the Army. All of you truly are outstanding human beings and I admire your many good qualities.


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