Thorin Dancing! From Extended Version of AUJ

From AnUnexpectedDwarf on Tumblr -don’t ask me how. There’s another one on the site with the  dwarves acting raucously. I noticed that on Tumblr, this image from this blog being shared, is way larger – so if you’re interested, search #Richard Armitage on tumblr and it should come up. [ETA: Servetus found the probable source from TORn  and gave the link her comment – see the German Trailer for the EE.


43 thoughts on “Thorin Dancing! From Extended Version of AUJ

  1. Why, oh why this gif makes me so incredibly happy, why?
    And then so sad thinking about Thorin destiny. And thinking he has heard or about to hear what Elrond says about him getting probably crazy 😦 I can’t believe they cut that scene from the theatrical version. It is so important! Crucial, I’d say. I’d like to ask Mr. PJ why…


  2. OT – I am only noticing while looking at that little gif what girth Thorin has. It’s kind of strange knowing this is RA, avec “muscle” suit. This gif really shows what he meant when he said they were made “bigger” in order to appear shorter.


    • You took the words right out of my mouth crystal! I’d say definitely worth buying the EE for this rare vision of Thorin enjoying himself. 🙂


  3. You know, having seen the image showing the entire scene, I am inclined to agree with some folks on FB–this might not be Richard, but one of his doubles, probably Mark Atkin. Hard to say.


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