A Charming Little Book – The Perfect Future Project for Richard Armitage

It’s been, what – about 10 days now since Richard Armitage’s next, or at least a future, project has been the topic of speculation and concern? I think I’ve got something.  What would many of us like to see –

a period/costume drama

Armitage in uniform

a romance

a war story

an action film

a dramatic role

an adaptation of a  great book

a classy producer, like BBC

a successful producer like Harvey Weinstein

something that wouldn’t commit Mr. Armitage for another chunk of his life

long hair, curls

a good script by a good writer – like Andrew Davies ( Pride and Prejudice, House of Cards)

Well, we’re in luck.  Any number of roles would do for Mr. Armitage – and if we start reading now, we’ll be finished by the time it airs in 2015.

May I present, Richard Armitage as just about anybody  in Leo Tolstoy’s WAR AND PEACE, a six part mini-series, written by Andrew Davies, Produced by BBC and The Weinstein Company, and as yet, uncast.  And, it’s going to air on BBC America simultaneously or shortly after its BBC airing.


There are any number of roles Richard Armitage could play – though I would rule out Napoleon for obvious reasons – OK, maybe not that obvious considering his recent part as another short guy, but we don’t want him type-cast in small roles ( not that there’s anything wrong with that).

And, if Andrew Davies gets his way, maybe we’ll see some frontal nudity, now that we know he likes the idea.

So, group read anybody?

35 thoughts on “A Charming Little Book – The Perfect Future Project for Richard Armitage

  1. I think to satisfy all fans, Richard Armitage should play EVERY CHARACTER in War and Peace. It would keep him busy and we would always know what he was doing 🙂


  2. One of my requirements is missing from your list, Perry. The one where his character DOES NOT DIE. Please. Pretty please? On my knees begging please? I just want his character to live past the end of the movie/series/special/commercial. That’s not too much to ask, is it?


  3. I knew I’d seen a version some time in the past but didn’t have a clear memory, so I looked it up- 1972!!! That’s even further back than Poldark, for heaven’s sake.
    Must be a trend, making short, compact retellings. It was a 20 episode series back then, and Poldark was 29 eps. Requires some pretty tight storytelling to stay true to the source in a far shorter screen time.
    RA in Russian uniform?- I can see that.


    • I remember a client reminding me that she was in that miniseries. But even after she told me, still never saw it. Although I have read that book. Just don’t let me retell the story because I’ll need Cliff Notes to do that!


      • Yes, that’s it. The only other one was a European production a few years ago, according to Wiki.
        I think I saw ALL the period dramas back in 70s and early 80s. Some I remember really well, but this one’s just a vague memory.


  4. Oh my, I needed that laugh. I mean that had me rolling. Napoleon indeed. Maybe Pete could lend Davies a hand if he needed it for adapting to the short part. You did say any role didn’t you. Does that include the Audrey Hepburn one? Okay maybe not. I really do prefer RA on the other side. It probably does seem like we would see him do just about anything doesn’t it but that isn’t really true. We’d watch him no matter what he “chose” to do but that doesn’t really mean we think that he should do just any old thing. Still lets not have him do Napoleon and I agree lets not have him die for a change. This man deserves to live for once and be happy whether he wants to or not. I think that series you mentioned was Russian and it was on forever. Okay so we could watch Richard forever so it has a good point there in its favor.


    • We’d definitely watch him in anything – doesn’t mean we wouldn’t cringe. I suppose he could play Napoleon if he stayed on his horse. If they got a really big horse. Or had him stand in a hole. Or on his knees, as he did in some scenes for the Hobbit.


    • I loved Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth, but Persuasian was recently re-done with Rupert Penry-Jones in that role, so it’s early for another version. I confess that when I watched it recently with RPJ I thought of Richard Armitage.


  5. No, it has to be Prince Andrei. But he dies, of course 😦

    I remember the 1972 version – I thought if was fantastic and of course I fell in love with Prince Andrei, but I can’t remember who played him! Anthony Hopkins was virtually unknown at the time; he was brilliant.

    Then there’s the wonderful Prokofiev opera of War & Peace and I fell in love with another Andrei, sung by the gorgeous Simon Keenlyside. Anyone who likes baritones should check him out.


    There’s even a pic of him in leather in this link 🙂


  6. Ha, Richard in W&P is an excellent idea. Then I might finally read it – I’ve managed Potato Peel and Discovery for the cause. I think Nappy or Prince Andrei would provide a meatier character role than Dawsey or Matthew. But whatever he’s happy with, I’m happy with.


  7. You could if you were kidding. In his last interview at which he was asked about future projects, Armitage answered that he was given a script to read based on ” a charming little book.” Most fans think it’s “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society” – to be directed by Kenneth Branaugh and that the role in question is Dawsey Adams. All gross speculation.
    But of course W & P is not charming and sure as hell not “little”


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