Grazing on Richard Armitage

This week, Richard Armitage fans were treated to a taste of everything.

Tempting our appetite , were answers to interview questions, (he misses NZ pinot, he’s reading “Stiff,” he would  have a dog over a cat, but he doesn’t have either ( still to be answered, has he ever had a pet?).

No one commented that he chose white wine ( Chardonnay – French or California, I wonder?) instead of his preferred red when he met with New York Moves Magazine  [tweet] or that they apparently took tastes from each other’s glass. ( who doesn’t?).

Here I have to confess that I was thinking about this interview yesterday in what I thought was real time.   I met someone for a drink yesterday (Hendricks on the rocks, cuke) at the Gansevoort Hotel located in the West Village.  And even though I knew Richard Armitage had stayed at the elegant but un-trendy  Waldorf Astoria before,  I couldn’t get it out of my mind – that he was close- and that  this hotel would suit him just fine – he could easily pop in to see how renovations were going in his new digs – if he isn’t in occupancy yet – if it’s even his place.

Good conversation, a productive strategy session with my companion and gin put me back on the right track.

But I digress. This week, in addition to interview snippets, we got photos.  Yes, this one:woof21

I’m not sure which was more incendiary: the delicious deshabille or the pet preference – but it kept bloggers, tumblrs, tweeters and artists  busy for days – still is.  And yes- the long hair was still there.

Then there was the prelude to the fashion shoot which got us gabbing yesterday. Below is a Tumblr rendition, explaining for us that whoever dressed him was in it for the fashion statement.


 Edit: Yun


Maybe there is some editorial fashion in what was selected for Mr. Armitage – but Mr. Felton is wearing loafers not medium high boots – or a shirt and tie, and a good tailor could make an entire bomber jacket just from the collar on the outerwear Armitage is wearing. But, hey, let’s see what else the stylist comes up with.  And yes, the long hair is still there.

We also got “the voice” this week, when Warner Brothers released the promo recorded for The Desolation of Smaug.

So, interviews, photos, info, fashion, voice – all fine and good. Kept us busy and happy. Nourished us. Quenched our  thirst.

But none of it comes close to my joy and excitement in seeing some new work – Richard Armitage acting. Performing his craft. Transforming into a character. The Trailer.

I didn’t time it, but I would guess he was in about one minute of the Trailer in total – very good considering that the whole thing was only 2 1/2 minutes total.

And of course, new video footage means new screencaps, and yes- we got those, too.

So all in all, a shmorgishborg – a great week to graze on Richard Armitage.

27 thoughts on “Grazing on Richard Armitage

  1. Ok, so it is fashion, ok, but still don’t like those clothes. And I think they aren’t fitting to RA’s nature and physical appearance. He’s not a hipster boy, he is a 40something classy man.
    And after this intense week we will probably have 2 weeks of dead calm… and we will wonder if long hair are still there, if he’s preparing a role (which role?), if he will be at NY ComicCon, etc… Until the next explosion that will drive us crazy once again. Before the total mayhem that DoS promotion will be. Are we ready? 😛


  2. love the idea of a “wrap-up” post for the week! I hope you will consider doing this once promos really get underway and we’re drowning in new material; it could be very helpful 🙂


  3. Oh, the wine tweets were news to me. Thanks for the wrap-up.
    As for the rolled up trousers – really, is that a new trend? Well, I mean, I remember it clearly from the 1980s. But at least then it was limited to teenagers…


  4. Great work, Perry! Re the location – I wonder what it feels like to be so close that the worlds might collide.
    @micra – word for word, sistah! 😀


  5. It felt a little strange -maybe because of the neighborhood and because I knew something of what he was doing that day – but also silly because I had no idea where or when. So we could have been – and probably were a mile and hours away. I don’t expect to have that same feeling too often.


  6. About the wine – rarely is there a wine drinker that sticks to just one type. Life would surely get pretty boring. When it’s hot, white is usually a better choice, because it’s usually chilled and lighter (refreshing). Some folks are choosy about wine with certain foods. Wine/food “etiquette” means nothing to me. Although I do like and appreciate suggested “wine pairings – and I’ve said this before – I drink what I want, when I want, with whatever food I want. Richard doesn’t seem all that rigidly conventional, so chances are he does the same.


      • I know a few purists out there. I’ve met them at parties. They go on and on about it too – talking nuances not found in other varietals, etc. I like your insight better. Those people bore the hell out of me.


        • I’m not a purist but lots of people I know and eat with care about their wines. So do I, but not to death.And unfortunately, I can only drink very small amounts of red because I’m allergic, but I know some interesting whites that are bold enough to stand up to red friendly foods. I don’t usually choose wine as a cocktail, though.


          • There are some very nice, bold whites. I would not call them summer whites, but they can certainly stand up to a steak. I like such whites just for casual drinking. A Viognier usually fits bill for me.

            I quit hard alcohol for the most part. Occasionally a rum cocktail or a margarita will slip by, but my Martini days are over. Morning after recovery takes to long now.


  7. It’s been a big week, hasn’t it? I hadn’t seen the wine tweet either.

    I can understand how you were feeling Perry – when Richard was in Sydney I found it almost painful knowing he was so close. I think I need some distance- to not be able to speculate what he might be doing at that very moment… Still, if he moves to NY, it’s a feeling you will have to get used to.

    As for the clothes.. My thought was that they were just all wrong for him. I agree with the commenter who wondered whether stylists ever research the actor they are dressing to get an idea of their personality. This look seems to be put together from what has been lent out/ what designer they are promoting/ the target audience for the magazine etc.. rather than relating to RA’s personality at all. Really, it makes the knee pad trousers look quite good!


    • As I said, I don’t intend to have the same eerie feeling as I did Friday just living in the same city as him.

      And yes, at least as to the biker jeans, we can say, “dressed himself” as was pointed out.

      But hey- with no new work and no hint of future project- we gotta talk about something.


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