Richard Armitage Interviews – Answers Trickle Down

In August, Richard Armitage participated in an interview with Orlando Bloom, Bloom’s dog,  and @KoolKiwis.

Since then we learned that what Richard missed most about New Zealand was “pinot,” that he would have loved to play Batman, and today we learned something else:

Sounds right to me.  I would call it   an interview of  “substance.” Actually, these were fan questions, and good work, Richard, in coming up with a new answer to a question you’ve heard before.

Things are heating up and it looks like we’ll be getting a regular diet of information.  Interviews are also scheduled for tomorrow in New York, the trailer is out, I saw for myself  two TV spots for DOS – and I’m hitting the streets tomorrow to  search  for posters in NYC bus shelters.

And this only applies to The Hobbit. Strike Back on Cinemax is just around the corner, and an interview with “John Porter” is promised for Friday, October 18 during the Strike Back season finale. There’s also a new and lengthy trailer running on Cinemax right now, with scenes from all 6 episodes of what is being called Strike Back-Origins.

Finally, after another NYC interview with Juliet Izon, hints were given that we might be hearing about exciting new projects soon.

Let the games begin.

10 thoughts on “Richard Armitage Interviews – Answers Trickle Down

  1. Well, it may or may not be true. He was either being facetious, sarcastic or masking the truth with his answer. I wish all reporters would “do their homework” and stop asking the same questions over and over again. He has loads of patience, as all actors must.
    I’m flashing back to his interview with Strombo in which Richard said they shouldn’t be talking about drugs on TV at 8 p.m. because children were watching. He’s so responsible! I love that.


    • According to the reporter in her tweet, it was presented as just a hypothetical question, *if early in your career* you had been told this – read in – completely ridiculous and unbelievable fact about your future, what would you say? The answer makes perfect sense. I think this was a fan question- but even so, at this point, the novelty that he’s a 6’3″ dwarf is over. ( I have read him quoted as referring to himself as 6’2″, 6’2.5″ and 6’3″)


      • Yes, apparently he isn’t sure how tall he is! 😛
        We use to tell someone who asks or says something absurd “Di cosa ti sei fatto” that means: what dope did you take?. Or also: You smoked good thing!
        Little information: the girl that has to interview him today (happy lucky girl) says interview is NOT related to Hobbit press promotion. Strike Back, perhaps?


        • Interview not related to Hobbit promotion? She is with a NYC magazine, on line mostly,but polished looking. They interviewed Susan Sarandon this month. So I have no idea.Maybe he has other business or other promotion work here in NY that we don’t know about..


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