Richard Armitage’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?


So the entire Richard Armitage fandom was unaware he would be attending the BAFTA Tea Party, but a few Hobbit fans knew? Did some mole let them in on the secret ( they have their Hobbit books) or were they waiting for Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch)?
And what’s the story with the guy in the background wearing the bright blue suit and shades standing guard? He’s rumored to be Richard Armitage’s agent, but he seemed to be glued to RA, as he appears in other pics. Just what sort of “agent” is he? Did he borrow Mr. Armitage’s Tokyo premiere electric blue suit for the event? So maybe our guy made the right choice to wear the biker jeans if the choice was between them and the electric blue suit.

So many questions, so few answers.

thanks to RAnetdotcom and SEbabybaby for this.

64 thoughts on “Richard Armitage’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

  1. If he’s just accompanying Richard on the red carpet, they’re called red carpet “minders” or handlers. They help the actor navigate through the event – let’s say from one end of the red carpet to the next without any interruption, and keep an eye out for out of control people. It all depends. At least they have to know where the bathrooms are 😉


    • In regards to The Man in Blue, if the individual was Richard’s own security, I would think they would be closer to his person.

      The agents I know of aren’t prone to trailing along with their clients, so that is doubtful. They might, however, attend such an event maybe if there were several other clients there as well and where the agent had a personal invitation themselves and felt the need was urgent enough for them to be present. Agents like their desks, at home or otherwise, where their ears and eyes are permanently attached to their various telephone and communication devices.

      My guess it that is a Handler, which are essentially guides to be of assistance as well as to get things “moving along smoothly” on the red carpet, just as you said.

      This title is as interesting sounding as the one of “Wrangler”. (Switch gears – this is an actual film or TV job title ) I have always loved that title, which using proceeds that which is being “wrangled”. I get visions of ropes and cowboys every time. (How’s that image, Perry?!)

      Here’s an example: On a film called Sid & Nancy, someone had the unique title of “Kitten Wrangler”. I kid you not.

      Anyway, back on topic – It really looks to me that someone was in the know and has tipped off some fans. If I recall the logistics of that hotel correctly, for fans to await his arrival there would have been two locations, and thus would have had to hang out in teams – one in front of the SLS main lobby entrance and some at the valet park/livery drop.

      The SLS is a hotel that I would imagine would not be kind to perceived “loiterers”. If he was staying there (which I doubt) I suppose a concierge might be tipped to allow hanging out nearer to the event. Again, I doubt that – no one wants to lose a coveted job for a few dollars.

      Either way, that was quite a score for dedicated fans, so kudos to them. They look like they were being respectful and appreciative as well. 🙂


  2. Also for events such as this, the PR company releases a list of celebrities who are on the guest list for members of the media. Sometimes people on the inside will let the autograph hunters know about it for a fee (tip).


  3. That guy is Duncan Millership, his US agent. As for “how” the autograph hunters knew he’d be there…. they might not have. These guys are pros (not saying I like what they do, but I know how they do it), and they just go where they’re likely to find celebrities. Some of them will drive around with posters and photographs in their cars, and bring out whatever they’re likely to need at an event.


      • He might be a personal friend, as well as his agent, or he might have had multiple clients there, or he might have been hoping to develop or strengthen professional contacts (networking, you know) or he might have just wanted to go to the party!


      • I don’t think it is uncommon. I remember Kate Winslet attending the film Baftas a few years ago with Dallas Smith, who happens to be her agent and RA’s London agent as well. We just don’t notice because the press focuses on the glamorous couples.


        • Well the bigger events I might think yes, especially if there were multiple clients there as I mentioned somewhere on here. The Tea Party didn’t seem to me to be that big to might warrant that kind of attention. (Not my personal opinion – I am stated what I think their mindframe’s might be)

          I am certainly happy that Richard’s agents are that attentive. Very happy.

          But because I live in Los Angeles and have actor friend’s still in the business, I hear the contempt. The more popular an agent is the more difficult it is to give personal attention, I’m sure. Bigger client’s get more support because the percentage of the cut from their paycheck is bigger.

          So my actor friends whose paychecks are significantly lower simply never get that kind of personal attention. They will never bite the hand that feeds, however, because most projects/jobs are still fielded to them through the agent. But even a job that they get on their own that pays a percentage goes to there agent. My friends see their cut get whittled away so often that it’s difficult to have appreciation for the people who essentially look like they are just waiting for their cuts to just roll in and do nothing more. (This is in addition to their managers fees, unions dues, etc.) It’s very frustrating for them. Very frustrating to hear about from someone I care about.

          And I’m sure Richard went through this period and now is getting appropriate attention. 🙂


          • I think this is not so much a case of RA getting special attention but a case of him not being willing or able to bring a date, so he relies on a business associate. Those with official SOs don’t have that problem. He also doesn’t have it if he attends with a bunch of cast mates.


          • I always thought that is the whole point. Going completely alone would be awkward and any friend he could take would cause gossip. There are already enough people that have mistaken the agent for his boyfriend and the pretty female publicist for his girlfriend.


            • I’ve been to screening after-parties, but not events like these. The schmoozing was similar (and horrible). I never really had any problem going “alone”, but often forced myself to go for political reasons. I knew of others (after the fact) who didn’t go because they hadn’t a “date”. (If I had known, I would have suggested we go together)

              But it is difficult to go to any party alone. No one approaches, really. Introducing yourself can seem rude, intrusive or can make you look presumptive.

              The psychology of that aside, I could see how this would be arranged for Richard, or any actor. However I initially actually imagined that Richard would go alone by choice and because he has no issue with it. However, he has mentioned his own shyness at these things, so he is probably forcing himself and a convenient companion.

              And I really do get that for all the above reasons I have mentioned. So yeah. Being accompanied by a neutral party that would introduce you around – perfect date.


  4. Well until a fan pops up to say they were there, my guess is professional autograph hunters taking a gamble on who might be attending.

    But back to the important business…nice hair shot!


  5. That is Duncan Millership. He’s been Armitage’s agent since even before Millership went to United Agents. Long, long history there; you can see him in pix from at least one London BAFTA appearance as well.


    • As RA never takes anyone from his personal life to an event, he usually attends with Mr. Millership. He did so at the Baftas in London a few years ago and also at the CA premier in LA. At the Baftas he was in the audience with RA and the Spooks cast and their guests. I have no idea if they are friends as well. He used to work for United Agents in London but moved to LA and is with an American agency now, apparently he took RA with him as a client and is now his American agent.


  6. 1) It occurs to me that fanboyz–or professional autograph seekers–can stand around hotels waiting for something to happen and not be accused of loitering, or something “worse”. Yet, if a “pretty woman” hangs around, she is thought sure to be singing a Prince tune in your spa bathtub in a heart beat. Ha! Double standards. *shakes head*

    2) But I’m short, ro[t]und, and scrappy. So think of me as your secret weapon for plowing your way to the front of a red carpet rope line. Ha! As if I would ever be “not shy” enough to show up at a public appearance. So not happening. I once joked that I would be the one standing way in the back of the crowd–probably one state away–with a periscope so I could see over the tops of people’s heads. Ha!


    • Need a periscope too! Don’t know how “short” you are, but I’m exactly Thorin’s height. I always feel like Shreck’s donkey jumping and screaming “Me! Me! I’m here, me!” and nobody see me the same 😛


    • I can be the tenacious type for many things. But I try to use those energies rather conservatively. Although I would sincerely wish to see Richard closer, (where I would probably spontaneously combust), I am not one to directly seek out autographs, etc., and much too shy for any form of direct communication. I have pretty much always been this way, as far as seeking autographs.

      However, I somehow find the courage when it is in behalf of someone else.

      There have been occasional random meetings with a few celebrities where I went ahead and asked for autographs in behalf of friends who were/are dear to me, as well as mutual fans: Bruce Springsteen and Patt Scialfa – I was very young and nearly fired for that – and David Lynch and Isabella Rossallini (The latter being very shy and did not want to distract from her husband, who was speaking at the time).

      But my favorite was Lois Maxwell (James Band’s Miss Moneypenny). I was working at Farmer’s Market and she passed by the shop. As I was a 17 year old girl I think she was in shock that I should recognize her. (She made most of the Bond films before I was born) She not only gave me her autograph, but came back the next week with her granddaughter to introduce us. I cannot begin to tell you how truly lovely she was and how honored I felt.
      And THAT autograph is mine! 🙂


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