It’s Official -“Into the Storm” Starring Richard Armitage Opens August 2014


The Hollywood Reporter   reports that Warner Brothers settled on “Into the Storm” as the title of the film heretofore described as “the Tornado Film,” and “Black Sky.” STARRING Richard Armitage, and others. Opening August 2014 .

And that’s all she wrote.

38 thoughts on “It’s Official -“Into the Storm” Starring Richard Armitage Opens August 2014

  1. I hope this happens. I do believe that I will be going to the movies for my birthday next year, even if it is closer to Richards than mine, I will wait.


  2. I suppose that if it will ever be released in Italy (and not that sure) it will be September or October because nobody is in the cities in August. No movie is ever released in that month. Oh dear, I can’t… 😦


  3. It’ll actually be released in August 2035 and half of us will need a walking frame to get to the cinema, and then we’ll all go for an early bird special…
    We won’t hear a thing because we’ll be half deaf and we’ll miss a good portion of the film because our bladders won’t allow us to sit still for 2 hours straight so we’ll be making trips to the loo.
    Popcorn? Only if you don’t leave your teeth at home. At least my knees will be warm thanks to my b**bs!
    Yup, can’t wait for this one… It’ll be an good old Hollywood film before it even hits the cinemas…
    PS. I’m not too happy, can you tell?


      • It is and it isn’t. At least with Sherlock they never promised that it’d be out “next year”. Then that it’d be out “next year” again. I only have so many years I can wait. I’ll be paying a pensioners rate for the cinema ticket at this rate 😉
        Apart from that, you usually expect a bit of fangirl cruelty from Moffat 😉


        • I follow the triple whammy of Dr Who, Sherlock and The Hobbit, and I swear the interconnectedness does my head in sometimes- between Moffat writing and producing two shows and Martin Freeman starring in one of them, plus TH, it’s a wonder they can ever coordinate schedules to get anything done-that’s before you even take BC into account, with his ridiculous work schedule.
          As for Into The Storm, I hope RA wasn’t hoping for any kind of career boost from it.


          • Freeman and Cumberbatch are good examples of how you can coordinate different projects, even when you’re filming in NZ, that’s why I’m a tad disappointed in the choices RA has made. Of course I don’t have the full picture so I’m just expressing my emotions as a fan. A part of me wishes he had never signed up for twister 2. I dread him using an American accent, I dread the plot when it’s finally released. The reshoots worry me too. And I seriously hope I am wrong and I will gladly eat my words!


            • I’ve seen speculation it was a deal New Line did, maybe to keep RA at least a bit busy in between Hobbit press and pickups. He may have told his agent he wanted to give TH all his energies, and the storm thingie was just a time filler with no real expectations.


              • Perhaps, but if he wanted something to do in his free time between TH he could have just popped round my house. Career-wise the result would be the same but I know I’d enjoy it much more! Plus I’d post more RA pictures on twitter than that Garner ever does, so everyone would have been happy 😉


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