Richard Armitage Tipped to Play Lead in Poldark

I know I just posted a minute ago, but this from Herald  Scotland

There is also much excitement about a remake of romantic 18th-century melodrama Poldark (Richard Armitage is tipped to play the lead), as well as a shameless compendium of crowd-pleasing Victoriana in Dickensian, a remix of the 19th-century author’s work in which his most famous characters from different novels cross paths.  Herald  Scotland



I’m moving to England or some of my friends are going to need to assist me to see this in real time.

83 thoughts on “Richard Armitage Tipped to Play Lead in Poldark

  1. If RA did get the lead in Poldark, then this time around he’d be able to go into an acting job knowing he was the fan favourite, instead of having to win over the diehards like previously.
    A trip to Cornwall would be very nice, wouldn’t it?


    • I wish it has said “tapped” instead of “tipped” and it is an odd way to announce, BUT, this is the first time it’s been mentioned without stating that fans or the Poldark Society are pushing it.


  2. I’m hyperventilating with excitement! I really hope this is true and would be more than I could wish for! I shall however remain (moderately) calm until it’s officially confirmed 🙂
    And as a sign of me keeping my cool I’m off to google the heck out of Poldark 😉


      • Oh Perry – what would you like to know?

        In short…RP returns injured from the American Civil war ( fetching scar and limp- nothing too grotesque) to find his father dead, his home a ruin and Elizabeth, the girl he was betrothed to, married to his soppy cousin. He broods. He takes on a skinny little wench who loves him from afar and even though the whole community gossips, he behaves honourably and does not bed her. He broods some more. Skinny little wench grows up into a beauty and when her father says she must go home to look after her brothers, she decides the only way forward is to seduce RP. Which she does. (What a scene that was!) then, because he is thoroughly decent, he decides he must marry her, despite not loving her and still being in love with Elizabeth, whom he broods around every time the family get together. So they marry and then have to negotiate not being master and servant anymore but husband and wife. Winston Graham implies ( or maybe it was just my dirty mind) lots of bedroom action. He still doesn’t love the wench and still broods although he gradually thaws out a bit after lots of the aforementioned bedroom activity and a child or two. Elizabeth has an attack of jealousy when she realises she has married a wimp who has gambled all the money away and missed out on Mr Gorgeous. All in all, there’s lots of brooding and unresolved sexual tension ( which does get resolved but not until about book 4).

        RA would be perfect.


  3. He is growing his hair out for several months now. Either he just enjoys the look or is too lazy to make an appointment with his hairdresser. So if this look really is thought to match a certain character in an upcoming project I wonder why there had been no announcement (or some more substantial rumors) yet. It must have been quite some time in the pipeline now.


  4. You’re not the only one hyperventilating over this Agzy. I’ve been a Poldark fan since I was about 10 and had a big crush on Robin Ellis. I have read and reread the books so many times…I took one off the shelf to show my daughters ( and to read them the description of Ross Poldark in the book – ” the young man was tall and thin and big boned…his hair, which had a hint of copper in it’s darkness, was brushed back and tied with brown ribbon” ) and it is held together with ancient sticky tape that’s peeling off with age. Even though I have moved a dozen times, those books have always been too precious to discard. If RA plays RP, I think I will just about expire with happiness.

    Btw : when do roles get announced? I was reading an old thread on a forum in which a member had met Rupert Penry Jones on the set of Spooks. Reading between the lines ( because she said there was something else that she had been asked not to divulge yet) RA was there too. Later on in the timeline she said she had met RA who looked thin. So he must have been filming series 7 but his role hadn’t been announced until filming was well under way.


    • Spooks was only announced after he started filming. I remember someone showed me a pic of RA and RPJ on set before it was officially announced. CA never was officially announced, but pics from set turned up and someone found out which character’s name was on his trailer. But in both cases RA gave hints months ago. On the other hand, casting for movies is often announced a long time in advance, the usual suspects have stuff listed for 2014 and 2015.


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  6. I read someplace that TV casting gets done int he summer But that was U.S. and regular series. I don’t know if BBC is planning a multi multi episode version ( probably not) or something between 3 and 4 hours. Shooting shouldn’t take that long – but it would need to be on location, I would think, in UK.
    Guessing, guessing, speculation – and it’s all about the hair.


    • Not sure if anyone has already posted this information, but I’ve just read a newspaper article which states:

      “The six-part romantic saga, adapted from the novels of Winston Graham, will return on BBC1 next year, filmed at an estimated cost of £10million.”

      Another article says that they will be one hour episodes.


  7. We need to find someone who knows someone who knows a travel agent willing to set up a Poldark Cruise to Cornwall while they are filming if Richard really does get the part. Do you know how many American women would buy tickets on that cruise? They’d probably fill it in a day…


    • We could be extras-dressed as sheep, or even better “wenches.” They had wenches in Poldark. Wait- where’s that weskit I wore for a night of role playing?” And yeah- where’s the water bra I needed to fill it?


    • The way things are nowadays, it may not be filmed in Cornwall. After all, RH was filmed in Hungary and George Gently (set in Northumberland) was filmed in Ireland. Filming in Cornwall in summer would have severe limitations due to the tourist industry and filming in winter would be ghastly. I know people love Cornwall ( my in laws lived there) but the weather can be challenging.


  8. Some of the contenders for the role of Ross Poldark have me scratching my head. Jonas Armstrong and Matt Smith? I can’t see any of them as Poldark. Then again, it could be that my Armitage inclinations have me prejudiced against anyone else!


    • I really don’t want to fall into the speculation trap again like I did with Batman- the phrase ‘ in the frame’ for the lead role has proven to be such a bandied about piece of nonsense.

      I really would like to see RA in this, but the truth is I’ll probably give it a watch whoever gets the part, just to see how well it’s been done. I have vivid memories of watching it when it first aired,as well as reading all the books, so it’s quite special to me.

      If the reports are correct, and it is to be filmed this year, then the timing could be right for the new RA hairdo.


      • Mezz- did you see it way back when as well? You seem pretty invested in it like me. I have the DVDs if you want a loan of them any time.


        • Do you Katharine? Whereabouts in Sydney are you- I think we should be meeting up for a coffee and a DVD lending session!

          Mezz can vouch for me. I’m not a tattooed trucker with several serious convictions. I’m fairly safe..


          • Aha- the mind boggles at the image of a tough,tattooed trucker sitting watching N&S, weeping over the station scene!
            I live in southern suburbs of Sydney- sure, happy to meet up some time.
            Do you subscribe to Perry’s blog? She could pass on your email details to me if you like.


            • I’m on the north shore – maybe we can meet in the city sometime? Perry- if you could please pass on my email to Katharine?

              On the issue of an unfortunate casting for Poldark- I think I probably would have to watch but – oh the disappointment! RP has always been, in my mind, a TDH man and even if they didn’t cast RA I would hope they would cast someone I could lust over. If RA doesn’t want the part, there must be another TDH actor ( possibly still unknown) who could do it but none of the names mentioned would be right IMO.


          • KatharineD and Bolly, you two should definitely meet up! Thinking back to that night of the Q&A, I’m sure that afterwards we were together in the upstairs lobby, so you may even recognise each other!


        • When it was released, I was at college, staying at a student hostel, so getting to watch anything on TV was difficult, let alone something one really wanted to see. I did see it at some stage on VHS video, although my memories of it are hazy. Thanks for the offer of the DVD loan, I am currently waiting for the first disc to arrive from Quickflix! I never read the books (no idea why not, as I love period fiction) and I’m waiting for them to arrive too, having ordered them at the weekend. My interest in it now is simply because of Richard, and I read as much about it as I could find once the possibility of him playing the lead role was put forward. 🙂


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    • Yes, hello BarbaraSue and welcome. You were responding to an old post. Since then I have posted updates on the New Poldark. You can find them by putting “Poldark” in the search box on the side. There are a few.


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