Richard Armitage at BAFTA LA Tea Party – Pictures and Print

Well, I guess this answers some questions ( some of which we answered for ourselves). First, Richard Armitage is still in L.A. Second, yes, yes, his hair is definitely long – longer even than at the Wellington Premiere of The World’s End and very much as the Twitter fan described


as being “like Guy of Gisborne.” Third, in only a few hours, Richard Armitage has made it into print for his attendance on JustJared, ( thanks to KatharineD for the scoop and link). So far, and things are moving pretty fast, only a few photos of him have surfaced on Google Images for this event.

Published on JustJared

Published on JustJared 

Yes, he looks great, but I’m not loving the full-length photo.  or( don’t shoot me) the outfit. Sorry, but I think he looks a little cut off in this photo- where are his long, long Armitage legs? And, I’m not a fan of the mini-cuff on his jeans, or actually, the jeans at all.  But wow, that last shot- he’s got it all: a really confident expression, fabulous hair and lots of it, just the right amount of stubble, and poking through that open collar, some chest hair.


There are one or two more photos out there. You can find them here on Obsessive Behavior.

More to come? I’m not sure about red carpet pics, but maybe some will surface from during or after the event- maybe even as I write. I think tomorrow is going to busy day. And oh yes, I am thinking this look could very well be for a new role, or maybe just so he looks really great for his press junket. Whatever it is, Guylty- get busy. ETA she did, right here].

34 thoughts on “Richard Armitage at BAFTA LA Tea Party – Pictures and Print

  1. They do have have event pictures from the actual afternoon “tea party” somewhere. But for the life of me, I can’t remember where they are. But the only pictures of RA are from the red carpet at the moment.


      • Thanks! I’m familiar with the SLS as some of my clients stay there and even though there’s an in-house spa, I still need to go in though I have to make do without my massage table or my shiatsu mat since the front desk started asking for “referral fees” years earlier (as do front office people from other hotels even though you’re coming in for your own clients) the moment they see you roll that stuff in.

        I think the pics appeared on the Getty site. You just have to type in Bafta LA TV tea – the event is not exactly tea (this is L.A. after all LOL) but fancy finger foods galore πŸ™‚

        Wouldn’t it be cool if we did have actual ‘tea’? Complete with the upturned pinkie finger? πŸ˜‰


          • Concierge people. It’s not approved by the hotel to have outside therapists come in and work in their premises as some hotels have in-house staff – and in essence you’re kinda buying their silence of sorts. But if my clients are flying into town, they ask for me to come in and have been irked by the “under the table” policy. But when the “fees” often reached up to $50, then that’s when I struck a deal with my clients that there will be no table, no mat. I’m coming in to give them a massage anywhere there’s a place for them to lie down if they still want me to. And most have said yes.

            Some hotels in Beverly Hills require the guest to come down to the lobby personally and take you up as their visitor. Makes for interesting talk, I’m sure, as my name seems like a stage name to begin with, and in 2 hours or so, I’m done LOL


        • I agree, I don’t think there was an actual “tea”, just maybe the usual catering and cocktails. πŸ˜‰

          I saw that is was at the SLS on JustJared. It’s a shame what hotels think they can get away with. I mean the clients call you, don’t they?


  2. I like the fact Richard’s name is mentioned on Just Jared without needing to mention The Hobbit- he’s just presented as someone we’re expected to have heard of. Also, love his hair colour here- anyone know if that’s his natural shade, or has some reddish tint been added?


  3. I seriously need to learn how to drive… LA is an hour (without traffic) from where I live…
    He is so close yet so far~
    I didn’t quite like what he was wearing either… Specially the shoes… But I love the hair πŸ˜‰


  4. Oh – my – goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting up at 7 am to feed the cats and risk a peek at blogworld and what am I hit with?????? Never have I woken up so quickly!!!!! Or maybe it is still just a dream???? FFS, Richard *screams*!!!! Emergency response *ooof* is definitely needed. *roarrrrr* thanks Perry, for posting these!


  5. I didn’t notice the turn ups – and at first I just thought they had got caught up on his boot. But both of them rolled is too much of a coincidence to be accidental. I like the shirt ( I love stripes) – the colour is great and I am enjoying the glimpse of chest hair. I like him in blue as it suits his colouring and I think the full length photo is just an unfortunate angle. The boots are an old favourite ( of his and mine!) the hair and stubble took my breath away.


    • I have noticed a few full length shots over time where for some reason he looks a little stunted, ( one in particular, you must know it, when he is leaving the BBC or a radio studio carrying the huge briefcase) and crossing a street. It must be the angle. I know I’ve seen those jeans on him before, and the jacket, too – but I don’t recall the cuffs, or it wasn’t a full length shot. Our down to earth, frugal friends are going to like that he wore something more than once, and actually, so do I, because they’re his own clothes.


      • I know the picture you mean. I take heart that someone as perfectly formed as him can look oddly proportioned in photo’s too! ( I sometimes inexplicably look plump. πŸ˜‰ ) Believe me, I’ve seen the man in the flesh and he is not short in the leg – quite the opposite.

        I like the fact he is obviously wearing his own clothes too. I wondered if Illyria has seen the shots and is shaking her head sadly and making a note to call him and remind him if her rules..


  6. Big kiss to Perry for the shout-out and the initial prompt! I read your post – and eventually landed at the call to action in the last line. Just what I needed as I was contemplating whether or not to *ooof*. With sistas-in-RA like you, the fun will never stop. xx


  7. *stirring up the hornet’s nest* I have to confess to like neither jeans nor hair. There! I have said it.

    The jeans are too low on his hips, so they lengthen his torso while shortening his legs. Even more negative are the small fold-ups at the end and the fact that they get tighter. Makes him look weird. Especially with the boots.

    The hair – well, to me it looks messy and definitely too long. *sighs* He looks like he just got up, ran a hand through is hair, dressed in whatever was handy and left.

    Nope, do NOT like. 😦

    But he does look relaxed and confident. That’s something at least.


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  9. Well I’d have gone if I’d known it was happening since he did sign autographs. Don’t need an autograph mind you just would like to be able to say hello. Agreed face, hair and upper half absolutely awesome. jeans, not so good and shoes while perfectly good shoes not that great with that outfit as we’ve noted but his choice apparently. Know he was hot as it was really warm that day so he probably was ready to go back to London by end of it all. He does have gray I believe but of course when you have hair done that way you make sure gray is washed out at sides which I believe is where most of it is. I think he looks fabulous with the gray but I’m sure he doesn’t.


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