MORE! He Likes the Shoes-He’s Smiling, and Parted Lips

Thank you, Thank you KatharineD for the lead. And the Russian Website has a nice background shot they posted and announces on Twitter. BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2013

13 thoughts on “MORE! He Likes the Shoes-He’s Smiling, and Parted Lips

  1. My, you’re on a roll today, aren’t you? 😉 What will you do when the DOS deluge hits you? Spontaneous self-combustion? I hope not. 🙂

    That said: I still don’t like the hair. Or the jeans. 😦 That poofed up head of hair is horrible IMO. Where are my scissors? I could always take them to the jeans as well after I’ve finished with the hair.

    And I know I am in a minority once again: But I do not want him in the remake of Poldark. Not another period piece, please. *sighs* But don’t worry, no one listens to me anyway.


    • He may *need* to be growing his hair for something- maybe not Poldark at all.I don’t know what I’m going to do when DOS deluge hits. Stay up all night? Tell my business contacts I’m on Vacation? I’d better learn to get posts up more quickly.
      I don’t care if he’s Poldark except I don’t know how I’ll see it in real time. The exposure would be OK. It wouldn’t stop him from doing other things.
      I’m no fan of those jeans,


  2. I’m not usually a fan of longer hair on men but this I really like.

    He looks like a film star. We know he is naturally shy and hates the red carpet so to look this polished and at ease is a real achievement. And having the confidence to go in his own clothes and not rely on Illyria is a step too. So who cares if his choice of jeans is dodgy ( and that is the only thing wrong with this ensemble in my opinion- the rest of it is fab) – I’d take him home with me!


    • The jeans are very similar to the ones he wore to the SD Comic Con and as others have pointed out I think they’re called Bike/Biker Jeans. I think his outfit is great! Absolutely *love* and shirt and the jacket is unique with it’s cutaway front styling which is slightly reminiscent of “tails” that guys wore/wear to formal occasions, only shorter. The fact that it has no buttons makes it even more striking. Added to that the hair! *sigh* All in all a stunning look on him IMHO! 🙂


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