The Final Tease : Richard Armitage’s Tornado Film –

25 thoughts on “The Final Tease : Richard Armitage’s Tornado Film –

    • I see a difference, longer in these pictures than in the Gary Morris pics we saw earlier. I am really liking this haircut, and well, the whole image. *yum*


  1. Good grief!! Are you – and Todd – trying to kill us here? *melts* This sounds much more positive now and yes, my dear FD, he really looks extremely “dreamy”, NTM there is a “woman” in the scene! πŸ˜‰


    • πŸ˜€ I think in future you will have to take longer breaks between the gym and looking at such pictures! He sure takes a toll on one’s health does he not? (Says me who doesn’t even sit down when I get home but heads first to my PC!! πŸ˜‰ )


  2. Yes the hair is different, I’m wondering if they have tried to find a way to keep it as long as possible whilst maintaining continuity with what they have previously shot. If so then why?


  3. Not so controversial Bollyknickers – I like him lots of ways. And for the beard lovers- there’s plenty coming with Thorin on the horizon. I like a bit of stubble though, and since the film takes place over a day or so, I’m sure we’ll see some stubble.

    Next up: The Esquire shoot.


    • IIRC, his character is searching for his sons in the aftermath of a tornado, so I would imagine that personal grooming is the last thing on his mind. I reckon we’ll be seeing stubble too…yaaayy!!!


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