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This version, source

This version, source

As with the rest of hard core Richard Armitage Fans, discussions on the IMdB Richard Armitage Board are focusing on the tidbits of news available for the tornado film.  This poster, whose name I left off unless she gives permission to post it, has some answers and links to some of the questions raised in the comments on my post here. This supplements some of the information provided by MorrighansMuse in the comment section. [ETA] Velvetinna on the IMdB Board is indeed, our very own MorrighansMuse – and didn’t it sounds like it?]

Additional shooting a beginning and ending for a movie means the script from the get go was lacking. I was the one who mentioned that part about him not being the lead when I first saw the cast listing of the movie sometime last year (just when I discovered RA) he was not in the lead at all. This is the Hollywood Reporter article about the movie: tex-1118056571/

The film, when it was called Category Six is described by its original screenwriter John Swetnam, in this interview [] as:

“A first-person POV through video cameras and cell phones to tell the story of high school students who try to survive the worst tornado in U.S. history.”

Note the word “high school students” – that’s what struck me then and still resonates now, even when all cast listing of late has put him in the lead. They are filming additional films with RA in it because his star has risen and screenings have shown that the film is lacking something.

More from the original screenwriter about the movie (I have to differentiate between Swetnam and Simon Beaufoy who rewrote the script – Beaufoy wrote “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” and “Slumdog Millionaire”):

“And with Category 6, I wanted to play with the “rules” even more and we created this epic natural disaster movie that will be filmed in a way that’s never been done before. And my new script is taking it even farther into a whole new style and story. So for me, as a storyteller, this stuff is fun and exciting. And to be honest, I have no idea if any of it’s gonna connect with the audience, or if I’m just some idiot who’s writing a bunch of crap, but at least for now, I’m gonna continue to play with my new toy and smile the whole time, thankful that I even got the opportunity.”

I hope this movie does well for RA’s career in Hollywood.

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  1. I have so many doubts but since the situation is not clear at all… do you think they decided to re-write the plot with more RA to exploit his new status? It could be, since he was far less known last August. And the teasing they are playing with his fan base could confirm they are desperately searching a reason of interest in a movie that is protracting a bit too long not to feel discomfort. But perhaps I’m a little nasty here?


  2. I’m not as good as you in this reading between the lines. I see mockery with the fans of Richard Armitage, who,apparently are the only ones, showing some interest to the movie. If they rely solely on the increased fame of Richard to rescue apparently doomed movie be it,but,guys, show us some respect

    p.s.sorry for my lame English


  3. When I signed up for IMDB last month, it automatically used my old Yahoo account and for the life of me, I can’t remember the password to change it to my current I.D.

    I did add in a succeeding post that I have some faith with this project because of Simon Beaufoy’s rewriting of John Swetnam’s original screenplay. Beaufoy wrote two of my favorite films – Slumdog Millionaire and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. He also wrote the upcoming Hunger Games – Catching Fire as well.

    As for Garner and the way he’s ___________ to the RA fans, that’s a whole different story. Sorry if that upsets a few people, but anyone who does what he’s been doing on Twitter is grasping at anything to get this film some notice – and that includes filming additional scenes for the beginning and end of the movie. You’re talking about the first 15 minutes (which sets up the story and who knows, the relationship between dad and son, etc. that no one thought about till RA’s star rose) and the ending (which closes the narrative). I sure hope the rest of the stuff in between has more than just CGI filling, wind machines and rain – and more RA.

    Now with what Micra said, if they rewrote the plot, they might as well have rewritten the movie. And that is not a good thing.

    But again because of Beaufoy’s rewrites, I’m hopeful.


  4. I’ve not followed Garner’s tweets, just saw the “dreamy” one and the one linked above by micra. couldn’t it just be playfulness? maybe that’s the mood on set because of the High School kids and the fact that RA has become a hero (Thorin) since last time they originally worked on the film.

    I liked the explanations about rewriting the script due to less than favorable test viewings; I often forget stuff like that happens with movies because the finished product is so polished 😉


    • We want it both ways – we’re ( collectively, there are many exceptions) are begging for info and pics, then complaining when we get them. I think he’s trying to capitalize on the fan base and he’s just not as smooth as others.And he may be restricted by agreements as well. But that one full length shot this afternoon – that I liked.


  5. Even though it looks as though I might be in the minority or even the odd man out here, I find myself rather saddened with many of the above comments. Unless I have totally misunderstood what is being said it seems many believe this movie was doomed to fail right from the get-go. Perhaps I am naive or haven’t researched the whole thing as others have possibly done, but I’m going out on a limb here and giving all those involved the benefit of the doubt and trusting that in the end we will all be blown away by it. (No pun intended!)

    To be perfectly honest I can’t imagine Richard aligning himself with a character he couldn’t believe in or a story that wasn’t worth telling, But what do I know? I’m just happy to be an Armitage Admirer and perfectly content to go watch him in a movie, whatever it is about or whether it is a huge success or not! He’s worth it!! 😉


      • *heaves sigh of relief* So happy to know I’m not alone on this! I was getting ready to duck in case things were going to be thrown at me! 🙂 *Hugs you back!!*


            • So what if your opinion gets attacked. As long as *you* don’t. As a blogger I feel a great sense of satisfaction and achievement when one of my posts generates vigorous comment. I think there are some positive things that came out of this- ideas and thoughts that might lift doubters spirits, even about a film such of this. For one, Richard Armitage seems to have made it from fourth billing to first billing- that’s got to count for something.


              • You’re right, of course. I need to develop a thicker skin as I’m totally hopeless when it comes to anything that feels the least bit confrontational while at the same time realizing that it’s not meant as a personal attack! I’ll keep working on that. 🙂


    • I’m being hopeful, too, Teuchter.

      But I can see AA’s and others’ points about the film taking so long and script changes and refilming. They say that film is a Director’s medium for a reason. While theatre is said to be an actor’s medium.

      And as a side note, if RA had other film/tv projects in the works for us to chat about, we would probably all be less focused on the success or failure of “Into the Storm”. I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best–as I’m guessing RA might be doing.


      • *returns after being side tracked* Count me in as another one who is hopeful. I agree with Grati, I can see why it would be easy to feel cynical about the project. Heck, I’m cynical about the whole Hollywood thing full stop. But this is Richard’s movie, and like Teuchter, I trust that he has good instincts.


    • I don’t think you’ve completely misunderstood, but the genre – a lost footage disaster film, is troublesome. The current “fixes” may actually be promising because the studio is willing to put more work and money into making it better. But it is a special effects movie.
      I am with you in what you said at the end: Ra must have seen something in it to become part of it, and I, too will go to see it with excitement and hope for the best.


    • It’s not the movie or RA I’m disappointed about – for how can I be disappointed about something I haven’t even seen in the theaters yet. But what I am disappointed about is the producer’s methods of promoting this movie using social media. I don’t mind rewrites, reshoots, additional shoots and ADR – that’s part and parcel of the movie business although in this case, it’s a case of TMI – and opens the door to further introspection about the merits of the movie itself before it’s even done (hence we are all here on this blog discussing aspects of it).

      Movies often can take up to 10 years to get done, and that’s from pre-production all the way till it gets to the theaters.
      What I don’t like is what I see as pandering of the producer to an actors’ fans, teasing with a bit here and bit here. Maybe that’s what social media is all about, who knows. Times have surely changed. But what I’d rather see is the finished product when it’s done. And judging from his last tweet, I hope I don’t hear a peep from him about RA being dreamy or hero quotes or whatever (save that for the viewer to see in the theater) till it’s opening day.

      I also don’t want you or anyone to duck for fear of friendly (or unfriendly) fire from the same people who share the same appreciation of RA. We’re all in the same boat, but we’re all not made of the same cloth. If we were, we’d certainly be a boring bunch, wouldn’t we? We shouldn’t be afraid to voice out how we feel about something – and though I haven’t been as vocal in the past because I don’t like delving too much into RA’s personal life, I jumped into this one because of the writing/filming aspects of it. Most of my comments on this matter had to do with my understanding of the industry and also my (mis?)perception of what Garner is doing. As a fan of RA’s work for the past year, I’m happy to be behind him 100% in anything he does. I for one never said this movie was doomed from the get-go and if it appeared that way, I apologize.

      I am hopeful that it will do well – but sometimes even that statement can be taken out of context.


      • Understood. I couldn’t agree more. This is not a discussion of his personal life: it’s a discussion of his professional life, and even that, more specifically about one project we’re learning about and have concerns about. Constant and irrefutable gushing over everything RA would be boring as hell. There’nothing wrong with, and indeed we need, a critical eye now and then. This is one of those “then” times.
        I believe it was another poster on another board who indicated concerns from the beginning, and I don’t think she used the word “doomed.”
        Nothing to apologize for as far as I’m concerned.


      • I hope no-one thought I was singling any one person out in the comments I made and especially not you MM! It was just a general feeling I got from some of the things that were said. I really do appreciate that in Armitageworld we have people who have such a good understanding about writing and/or filming which I do not. I’m always willing to learn though, so I do enjoy hearing other people’s take on things.

        I know we are all on the same page when it comes to supporting Richard and that to me is the best thing about being a part of this community! I don’t think I can call it “little” any more! 😀

        Just as a side note, I see Simon Beaufoy was born in Keighley where Dalton Mill is – one of North and South’s main locations!!


  6. I bounce between frustration at the wait for this movie and excitement at getting even the smallest snippet of news about Richard. I saw the tweet pic yesterday, and my thought this morning on reading this post was that I hope he didn’t have to pass up another project to film the extra scenes. I’d be happier knowing that this work on the tornado movie has been scheduled for some time (one would think so, given the organization required).


    • My guess – although I could be completely wrong here – is that it would have been scheduled a while ago. I think it must have sunk in to writers and producers etc. working on this movie right from the start that having Richard in the cast is not small potatoes!! They have a treasure in him and I doubt if they would be careless enough not to take advantage of that fact. From these “small snippets” we’ve had in the past, I have a feeling he is much respected by pretty well everyone involved.


    • The reason they were able to film the last few days is that they are working around all the actors’ schedules. With RA’s work schedule already set up for future projects, the production for Black Sky can only film these scenes when he has availability along with everyone else needed for those scenes. They’ll all be compensated according to their contracts as well.

      That’s why sometimes scenes where two actors are facing each other doesn’t really mean they were both in the same room together (example would be the highly argued De Niro and Pacino dinner in Heat). They could have been filmed separately based on their availability and edited together in post-production.

      An example would be the photo from Garner’s last tweet. The woman with the long hair could be Callies’ but let’s say, just in case she’s not available, it could be someone else as long as only the back of her head is shown. And when Callies would be available, her scenes would be filmed separately and both would be edited in post production.


      • Good points! It made me think of the scene from N&S where Margaret is going up the steps to the Lyceum Hall and she looks back up, supposedly to John in the room with the other mill owners, when they were in reality, if I remember correctly, hundreds of miles apart! 😀


        • You’re so right about the “300-mile look.” It’s the only way they can film every scene under a tight schedule. Most movies are never filmed in sequence (except for ET – I think Spielberg considered his stars’ ages and decided to film it chronologically so they could bond with ET so by the time ET “died” those tears were real)

          Sometimes when you see a scene with two actors together that show actor A’s face and actor B’s back, actor B may not really be that actor, but the stand in. Sometimes even the lips don’t sync with the final dialogue because it was changed in post-production (and also for TV viewing when they have to dub the cuss words ahead of time).

          Filming is such an interesting business. I used to like working on clients while they were on set but it turned out to be a whole lot of waiting till they were all done with their scenes, and after awhile sitting in the actor or director’s chair or watching the rushes lost their novelty when I realized that I was losing money waiting for the client to get done before I could actually work on them. But then there’s always the craft table (where all the goodies are at LOL


          • Thanks Morrighan! I was racking my brains trying to remember the name for than scene! I got as far as the “? miles look” but couldn’t remember the number! 🙂

            I have indeed noticed scenes when you only see a part of the face of the actor who is facing away from the camera. Sometimes they are not even speaking when the sound track says otherwise. I always think they should fix that as it’s really obvious at times. Of course I can understand if that isn’t possible.

            When you say “goodies” do you mean food or freebees they give out? 🙂


  7. Thanks MM, logically it would have been the Black Sky production that needs to be flexible, but I have no idea how these things work. Fortunately you do – I love reading your POV from one who is familiar with film production 🙂


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