*Ooof* Sickness -Like Dragon Sickness, But Better

Perry’s feeble attempt at the challenge found here.

You know, you’ve been a real asset to me and the rest of us here. Your hard work, cooperative attitude and work ethic – well all your special talents, really, have been appreciated.

But, I’m going to have to let you go.

Why? Well, as it turns out, the female staff just can’t concentrate around you and a few of the men as well, now that I think about it. When they should be listening to your innovative ideas and jotting down notes about how you see the direction the project should take, instead they’re thinking about innovative positions and doodling “Mrs. Armitage” on their pads.  Even now, I confess, I’m tempted to straighten out that sweater for you, smooth down where it’s wrinkled over your chest, button the last button way down there, or maybe just take the whole thing off altogether.

I wouldn’t call it Dragon Sickness. Maybe Ooof Sickness.  Just a taste, just a whiff, get too close  and there’s an irresistible urge to want more.

Is there no other choice? Well, I’d have to keep you away from the staff. Tell you what, if you really want to stay, I can put another desk in  Dr.O’s office. You’d report to her exclusively. She claims she’s immune to your charms.  Inoculated, as it were.  Might have something to do with that magic ring she wears on her left hand.

What do you mean how can you thank me? I’m human. You have resources. figure it out.

31 thoughts on “*Ooof* Sickness -Like Dragon Sickness, But Better

  1. I can’t imagine anyone ever being able to concentrate in an office with a man like Richard working in close proximity. “I” would be positively useless, in terms of any actual work getting done. Only once was there temptation at work (um…not AT work, but an individual…well…you get it), and that was nothing comparatively.


    • You just reminded me of a job I had with the Navy and there was a guy I worked for that was gorgeous, Joe. He was nice too, sort of (now that I know how RA is) a mini-RA. I can remember I had to turn my desk in a different direction, because I found myself staring at him all the time. He gave me ride to my sister in laws in Annapolis from Washington, DC because Jon was on a trip for the Navy. I thought I would die being in the car alone with him for an hour. The thing was we both had our arms on the console touching through the whole drive, like neither of us wanted to move our arms. (armgasm) Can you imagine doing that with RA?


  2. Your feeble writing is far from it, this is very good and funny. I am the one who writing is feeble and will save it for school work where I hope to get A’s. At one time many moons ago ( the 80’s) I had wanted to be a writer, but that all changed with a teacher who didn’t like my writing, I just gave up.


    • I’d like to strangle that teacher. The real writers here can tell you more, but just because some people don’t like your writing doesn’t mean it’s not good or has no potential. Maybe next week you will screw up some courage and try out the new ooof ficlet event. And “funny” isn’t a requirement.
      But if not, no problem on this end.


  3. Loved this. Funny and great dialog. I never worked with any man remotely cute or handsome. Well.maybe I did, but my memory cannot penetrate the mists of time. I have been married to Mr. Jones way too long. Not that I stopped looking, I just can’t remember seeing anyone worth looking at. And then…. Richard.


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