*ooof*: Every (Armitage) Shot’s a Hit

Happy Birthday to Obscura: we all received a gift from Guylty. Comments There please.

Me + Richard Armitage

Excuse me while we leave the necessary appraisal of the Rayner shoot for this edition of *ooof*. It is a special day. Not only because I will be enjoying the exciting environs of London while you are reading this post (and incidentally meeting with a sista-in-RA while there), but first and foremost because we have a birthday to mark. Our very own Obscura of Ancient Armitage-fame is celebrating her birthday. “For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s…” – go on, hop over to her blog and leave her a little message, while I dedicate this *ooof* to her. It comes with her choice of image – a shot by photographer George Pimentel, taken in December 2012 in the Roots Canada Store in Toronto on the occasion of the Canadian Hobbit premiere.

What we have here is a typical press call photo. Something…

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