IT BEGINS ! IT’S THORIN! Spotted In Paris

Perry thought she’d be checking the NYC bus shelters for images of John Porter – But it looks like Thorin will be there first.  This ad was spotted in Paris over the weekend by AprilsViolet.  And look who’s featured.

Paris1But what do they mean, “The End?”

22 thoughts on “IT BEGINS ! IT’S THORIN! Spotted In Paris

  1. That’s what I like to see – Thorin turning up in unexpected places!! Gradually the world is wakening up to the impact Richard has made in these movies!! 😀


  2. I had a look at the original and you can see more of the wording. It seems to be saying if you have a particular credit card your love of going to the cinema need never end- hence Thorin’s cool graphic!


  3. Oh. I was getting nervous. But when do I not. This fangurl thing causes agada. So, it’s not exactly an ad for the movie. Gotta go see what the President is saying about Syria. More agada.


  4. It’s not a direct ad, but it doesn’t need to be- its still got the release date down the bottom, so it’s doing a bit of Hobbit promotion along the way. I wonder if this is one of a series that uses upcoming movies or is our sexy dwarf singled out for super special attention? Agada – que?


  5. Ooooo that’s beautiful. Paris has all the cool stuff! I was so disappointed in the posters and promotional stuff for The Hobbit in my country last year and I doubt it’ll be much better this time around. Even those cute Hobbit soda cups you got at the cinema didn’t have the little figures on top. Cheap b*stards!


  6. *yay* let the PR machine start up. I am very curious what will be the focus of this year’s campaign. And how many ludicrous, obscure and tenuous connections will be spun between THTDOS and the products that pay for being endorsed by it…


  7. What a nice surprise to see my pic here, thanks. 🙂

    This advertisement was seen on the wall of a bank (BNP Paris) in Paris. There was also a same advertisement with Gandalf.

    If I understand correctly, it’s a kind of partnership to have cinema tickets for young people aged 18 to 29 years. 🙂


    • Thank you for chiming in April, and thanks for the information. So, I guess I can wait to start hunting out official posters here in NY – unless some bank gets the idea. And I’m glad you chose Thorin instead of Gandolf- but of course you would.


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