Richard Armitage as Viking? AngloSaxon?

Remember “Armitage Election Mode?” It’s the Richard Armitage fan disorder characterized by the compulsion to put his name forward for every conceivable role announced by film studios, BBC and audiobook producers.  AEM is raising its head here again in a new way. Currently, the roles for which Mr. Armitage is being touted by his fans are Dawsey Adams in “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society ,” a Kenneth Branagh film; Matthew Clairmont in “The Discovery of Witches” and, on the IMDB Richard Armitage Message Board, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Oh- and Poldark.

So, a farmer, a vampire, a nobelman, a squire – what about a Viking or an Anglo Saxon? Too much of a stretch?

Warner Brothers  announced a future film described as “The Viking Braveheart” with Leonardo DiCaprio as King Harald Hardrada, The Last Viking King, who tried and failed to conquer the English throne in 1066. (Not to be confused with English Harold who tried and failed to defend England against the Normans in 1066).

A second announcement was made about films on the same subject by one of the producers of the LOtR,  this time a Viking trilogy, It’s not clear whether both announcements refer to the same project.

But either way, there’s room for Richard.

Most  people agree that Tolkien’s dwarves were derivative of Norsemen, so we know  Richard Armitage can look like a Viking.  Even if DiCaprio plays King Harald, there must be plenty of other Vikings Richard can play – King Knute or Magnus maybe.

Or, Richard could easily play one of the Northumberland lords or other AngloSaxons who conspire with Harald against Edward the Confessor and his successor. We’ve seen him in similar garb before.


Richard’s credentials are perfect: He is a Northern Brit. He’s played a Northern Brit in his tour de force audio performance as Uhtred in “Lords of the North,”  in which he demonstrated not only his own accent, but also Danish accents and other British dialects.


He can wield a sword with the best of them – better than Leonardo, I would think. He looks great in those costumes, especially with pelts. We’ve seen him with lighter hair in “The Impressionists” and “Between the Sheets” and he’s certainly tall enough to be a Viking. And if the trilogy turns out to be as promised, any role he took would not necessarily commit him to three films, since the film promises to span many years- so like Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit, he need only show up for one of them.

So, who’s with me? Who elects Richard Armitage to play some role in some Viking movie to be produced by some producer some time in the future? Wouldn’t he be perfect for it?

No? What about Richard Armitage as Judah Maccabbee – the Hebrew Hero?

28 thoughts on “Richard Armitage as Viking? AngloSaxon?

  1. are they remaking Count of Monte Cristo or is it just a suggestion?

    I say yes to Matthew Clairmont, of course 😉 and yes to the Viking but in the future a bit, since he just got done playing a warrior & I wouldn’t want him to get bogged down in that mindset 🙂


  2. We’re back to playing ‘hunt the role’ in all the dark corners. Is there a spotter’s fee for the successful pinning down of that elusive creature?
    I saw that article a few days ago and thought sure, why not? Vikings could well be the next big thing. Barrie Osborne has some pretty good runs on the board with LOTR, so he knows how to manage a big project. They obviously need a big name ‘star’ like diCaprio to get it all up and running.
    I’ve been enjoying the TV show ‘Vikings’ which is currently showing here, but I’m not sure how the weird heavy plait/ shaved sides look would go on our man!
    Keep those ideas coming, Perry!


  3. It would be great to have RA play a Viking, only problem for me is Di Caprio. I can’t stand him, can’t even bear to see his face in a pic so I would have big troubles in watching the movie 😛
    But yes, RA is perfect as a Northern. His Lords of the North was quite an experience to listen and to read. Wonderful and exciting. The simple epigraph got me fainted 😀


  4. The Lords of the North is still my favourite audiobook of all time and Richard has proven he can get down with the Viking vibe 😉 I guess I’d just like to see him in a part that doesn’t require killing off furry animals to make his costume.


    • Not to worry about the fluffies and furries. They have made great strides in artificial fur now. Plus, the costume folks are using fur from animals who have gone to the big open space in the sky after living a long and happy life. We left the stone age a couple of years ago….LOL


  5. I’d love to see Richard play Lorenzo Quart in “The Seville Communion”, but that’s me, and I don’t think the author is willing to sell movie rights. Richard could certainly do a Viking role, no problem.


  6. Since we’re taking bets, here is mine. If nothing new comes up during DOS promo tour, it’ll mean that the man is taking it easy and the party, for us, is over (story of my life, I always arrive when everybody leaves). He’s been working his ass out for two decades and now he’s stricken gold: I would relax in his place. Speaking of fantasy casting: anything set today, not in fantasy, real people with real emotions would be nice (have high hopes for Black Whatever, please don’t let me down..).


        • I know. But we like to think The Hobbit ate up these last years. Except for Black whatever, and a stint in CA, that’s all he did. Which is why we are all so anxious for an announcement of the next project.


    • I can’t even imagine him sitting back resting on his laurels from TH. He’s much too hardworking. As for hours between 2010-2014, they’re already done. I suggest he’s shopping around for the perfect role for the perfect him.


      • I can’t see him resting much longer either, or not by choice anyway. If he truly loves acting as much as he says he does he’ll need to get his next fix soon. I think he’d get twitchy if he went too long without it!


          • I’ve got nothing but admiration for Lleyton- he’s such a fighter, and he’s come back from so many injuries in his career. It’s just a shame he never managed to win the Australian Open, it would’ve meant the world to him. DelPo’s a great guy- I have a lot of time for him. He’s had his share of injury woes, too. Who’s your pick now?


            • Regretfully Nadal – but I’m pulling for Novak Djokovic who is my number 1 fave. I can’t warm up to Murray,though I wanted him to win the Olympics and Wimbledon once he made the finals. What about you?


  7. Federer’s been an absolute favourite for years now, so it’s going to be painful continuing to follow his inevitable slide. Selfishly, I don’t want to see his Grand Sam total surpassed, so whilst I have nothing in particular against Nadal, I don’t want to see him creep up too close. Ditto your thoughts on Murray, with the added bonus that Aussies NEVER like to see the Brits win at sport – mean I know, but it is what it is (and my mum’s English!). I guess I’m going for Djoko then this time!


    • The thing I find with tennis is that when one is watching a really great match, sometimes loyalty change. So I am never that firm. Watching Federer is painful, I agree. But I’m not ready to write him off yet.


  8. OT- well done to the lovely Graham McT for scoring a role in a new tv series with Billy Elliot’s dad as…. a Scottish war chieftain. It’ll be Dwalin in a kilt!


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