Give it Up, Mr. Armitage.

Give it Up, Mr. Armitage.

This is the countenance of a man who just ain’t telling. Sure, the pic was taken a while ago while Richard Armitage was spotted in New York, but I’ll bet dollars to chocolate doughnuts that he wore the same expression when he was asked in an interview Sunday, ( if he were asked Sunday -note my choice of the past subjunctive), whether he would want to play Batman. His reported answer was that he would love to play Batman and that he doesn’t know how all the rumors started.

So, what do we think? How much credence should we give to these statements? And if he said it, what does it tell us about the likelihood that he’s in consideration for the role?

Here, I’m loosely referencing the exercise on source critique put forward by Servetus on Me + Richard Armitage. So, to start with, I’m definitely not considering his statement under option A. I’m not taking what he said at face value. Richard Armitage need not take offense, since I rarely, take anything anybody says at face value.

Next up, can we trust what Mr. Armitage said based on how he said it and referencing the context as well as other factors we may know?The problem here is that we couldn’t observe him or hear him – if he indeed wore that “cat got the canary” expression, we can’t confirm it. If he grimaced, smiled, looked up,down or straight at the interviewer – we don’t know. We know enough about him to presume that he wouldn’t  want to tell a bald-faced lie in an interview. If he said that he didn’t know how the rumor started, that could be true. He may know it’s not a rumor at all that he was considered seriously or for minute- but he may not know who actually leaked it to the press; therefore, he doesn’t know how the rumor started.  If he is in consideration for the role, he could hardly say he wasn’t interested. If he’s not in consideration for the role, why disparage it anyway? As to his statement that he would love to play Batman, who knows whether he would? There’s been plenty of discussion here, on other blogs and forums for us to say that Batman is a mixed bag and how he feels about it may be directly correlated to what other projects he is considering – none of which we know about.

(Did you get that Mr. Armitage? None of which we know about. Come on – we’re dying here).

Option C , for my purposes relies on the same analysis as B, but factors in that he may be making the statements for some publicity purpose which we can only guess at. Does he want us to think he is or is not in contention?His motivation for making the statement can only be guessed at, but it seems like he doesn’t want to close the door on either the actual possibility or the publicity buzz he’s getting from the rumors.In this instance there are too many extrinsic factors at play to believe that if he were in consideration for the role, Richard Armitage would have the freedom to say what he thinks or to disclose that fact. The same is true about the rumors: if he knows how they started, I don’t think he could reveal the source at this point.

We never choose option D for Richard Armitage because we cannot believe that nothing he says is true.

In this instance I’m going with B with leanings towards C. I don’t think Richard Armitage is completely ignorant of what’s going on with the Batman casting or how his name got into the mix I think based on “B” analysis, that he might have been dreading the question, but he was ready for it. What he didn’t say, but could have, is as telling to me as what he did say.He didn’t say that no one had contacted him about the role. He didn’t say he was not in contention. He didn’t say he wouldn’t take it if offered. So, did he craft his words as carefully as he did because he wants to leave the door open or because he wants people to believe the door is open when, in fact, it’s closed?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see until September- or sooner if some different announcement of a new role for Richard Armitage is released.( Did you get that Mr. Armitage- an announcement ?). In the meantime, the speculation continues, along with a heightened level of anxiety fans are expressing over the silence about Mr. Armitage’s next project.


  1. I think various interpretations of his alleged statements are possible (and we have no idea at all whether his remarks were reported verbatim or not). But I agree that one possible interpretation is that this was a very careful answer to whatever the question was. The truth is – we know nothing!!!!


  2. I agree with you. Orlando Bloom has denied his involvment through a spokeperson. If RA hasn’t denied there are only the 2 explanations you gave. It was not casual he climbed in IMDB rating again last week. A bit of a publicity trick cannot do harm and it’s not a real lie… 😉 And if he really is on the list of the possbile new Batman he surely can’t tell us nor totally deny.
    That said: we NEED an announcement about next RA role. We need it badly. Can you hear us Mr. Armitage? 😛


      • Exactly, he needs to remain an object of interest, of research. He needs an announcenent, WE need an announcement. Someone should do a whistle to his publicist. 😉


          • eh… it’s something that I don’t quite understand. Why RA kept himself so quiet after The Hobbit (unless he wanted to remain with Thorin all the time… but then there was Black Sky). There must be a project of some kind in his beautiful mind. He didn’t jump on the publicity wagon to promote himself. It’s something that I really appreciate, meaning I suppose he wants to stay faithful to himself. He always told us he doesn’t want to became a star but doing his work the best he can. Then in an interview he stated that he would take any job that could raise his status or give him an interesting role. Sometimes Mr. Armitage puzzles me 🙂 I’m not complaining, I feel he is a real man, not a puppet. He has contradiction as anyone.
            I really hope there WILL be an announcement. One of those roles he was talking about in The Vine interview, hopefully? He seemed so passionate (but humble) about them!


  3. My past experience with RA is that he used to love to give us hints, sometimes very obscure hints, but still hints,but said nothing until everything was signed, sealed, and delivered. I remember Captain America he was out there on interviews just prior not saying a word about it, until someone spotted him and took a photo of him on the set in Liverpool.

    (I still think he gave us an obscure hint about The Hobbit long before the announcement when he talked about having a plaster cast done of his head..that’s my theory anyway)

    If he did say what he said, then he knew about the rumors of course, and if you’re an actor, wouldn’t you contact your agent about the rumors? I think he would. If he said no more on Sunday then what was reported, he didn’t really deny it did he? The plot thickens. If I had to put money on it, I wouldn’t either way right now.


    • I like your reasoning. I didn’t know about the Hobbit hint. Apparently no one’s putting money on it- I checked the bookmaking website referred to in earlier reports and Batman bets don’t seem to be listed any more.


  4. To answer your question: yes, he is! Listen to Stephenson’s interviews from June 2010: the journalist almost asks a direct question about action movies and RA denies any involvement and talks about The Rover. From an article on Empire magazine in march 2011 we know that in September 2010 he was on set for Captain America and reading The Hobbit in his trailer. All in two months?! I go for a D option and wait for an official announcement: it’s not a “lie”, it’s business.


  5. I think he is a master at saying things yet at the same time not giving anything away if he can help it. 🙂 I think he loves to tease and keep us guessing. But I wish someone would throw us a few crumbs soon. . . please! *begging here*


  6. Thanks Katharine. It is a fun article. At this point I’m addicted to this story almost against my will. It actually makes me tired. I don’t think our boy is going to get this role- I don’t know if he even wants it on any artistic level-though from a career level it may seem sweet. I have nothing but doubts about the whole thing,except that I know he would be the greatest Batman ever.


    • I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I’ve ever felt so invested in the day to day developments of an actor’s career- it feels like a special brand of madness. I’ve followed actors before, taken an interest in what roles they play, but never, never this feverish need for current information. I’m almost glad I didn’t follow RA during Hobbit filming originally- that long dry spell was sending the fans bonkers (even though they knew where he was).

      It’s in times like this that I appreciate Graham McT’s approach to his fans- he’s great at sending out short updates on what he’s doing- nothing fancy, but enough to feel in the know.

      All I can say is, I hope RA isn’t as worked into a lather about his career as we are; maybe he can see a funny side to all this speculation. Although if he DOES have an ace up his sleeve, Batman, Poldark or whatever role it may be, it’s mighty mean of him not to share the joy, I say. Perhaps a birthday letter is in the offing…..


  7. But Graham McT had something to say. He’s just started a film in South Africa. I have to think there’s something he knows about that hasn’t been announced. I speculated earlier than an announcement would come in September-or nearer the Hobbit release to capitalize on that.


    • G McT tweets all kinds of stuff- going on holiday, catching up with friends, flying off to London- not enough to impinge on his privacy, but you generally have some idea of his whereabouts. It’s just a nice half way measure that acknowledges that fans are interested in him.
      I’m not saying RA should do this, but it does force us to play some kind of demented variant of ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago?’


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