What Lucas North and Perry Have In Common- Interrogation! – and Maybe a Richard Armitage Fan in the Making.

While I’ve been visiting with two households of family here in the Hamptons, we’ve been playing 20 questions. You see, I’ve disclosed to my family that I’ve been writing a blog that people seem to like.
I’ve talked ( maybe endlessly) about the new skills I’ve learned, the new friends I’ve made, and other indicia of blogging, but I have refused to disclose my blogging identity, the name of the blog or the topic.

So the game is- find out what Aunt Perry’s blog is – and they are a tough bunch, let me tell you. The twenty-somethings, and there are three, my cousin’s children, have laid bets on who will be the first to uncover the secret.

Every few minutes someone asks a question to obtain more information. They’ve gotten me to promise to answer truthfully- and I think I have. They’ve ruled out civil war history, literature, watercolor painting, fashion, decorating, cooking, mysteries and cats.

I think I was truthful when my cousin announced that she knew it had something to do with a television show and I denied it.

After a while, I finally announced – no more questions- let’s change the subject.

So I asked my SIL what she was reading in her book club.

“We’re going to be reading a book called ‘North and South’ by Elizabeth Gaskill'”

No kidding- have you seen the mini-series???

Who knows- maybe she’ll be the newest Richard Armitage fan.

P.S. – They had no interest in watching “The Hobbit in 3-D” ( “I’m not into Tolkien” said the 12 year old) and instead, we all sat through Smurf’s Two at the movies.

25 thoughts on “What Lucas North and Perry Have In Common- Interrogation! – and Maybe a Richard Armitage Fan in the Making.

  1. Dangerous waters :). I’m so sorry about the Smurf movie. (I planted a worm in Mini me’s ear that she should ask her aunt to take her for her birthday).

    Looks like you’re having a great vacation!


    • Not as sorry as I was to have to watch it. But your strategy for mini-me is a good one. Aunts always say yes- unless the question is, “will you tel me what your blog is?”


          • Aunts always say yes. We don’t really watch the movie – we observe the kids watching the movie the we hear what they have to say after that. “What was a life lesson in the Smurfs?” Answer 12 year old- – “You can always depend on your family.” Answer -9 year old ” It’s OK to cry” We just don’t get to see enough of that.


  2. A dangerous game, Perry! I play it a lot, too, although most of my RL friends at this stage know about my passion for RA. It’s probably a dead give-away that I have seven postcards/photos of RA over my desk. And a favourite mug that says “Mrs Richard Armitage”. The trouble is – in a way you *want* to be found out. It’s not much fun doing all of this shrouded in secrecy. I would much prefer to be disclose the whole extent of my Armitaging activities. Only that the un-iniciated seem to have trouble understanding why anyone would start writing blogs, think up elaborate fanfics, make gifs and edits, and endlessly discuss the minutest details of “our man”. The alternative is to hook up with another RA fan in RL. It is wonderful to spend some time with another fan, who can truly understand the pull and the passion. I have been lucky to do so – and I can’t wait to meet them again at the next Hobbit premiere.
    Keep enjoying your holiday!


  3. Oh what fun to be slowly outed! It’s now part of my family’s culture to throw out the name ‘John Thornton’ at unexpected moments.
    How I’d love to crash that group read!!


  4. I really have a hard time not talking about my blogging life. It takes up a lot of time and creates most of the joy in my life, but there are people whom I just can’t tell, and then people who know I have “something going on” but not what. Those are the hard ones — friends who think I don’t trust them (and / but I don’t). However, it makes my blogging friendships more important, because they really “get it.”

    No RL person whom I haven’t given a vital clue has ever found my blog and told me about it …


    • I can’t think of any way my blogging life can be discovered unless I disclose it. Which doesn’t stop the trying. After I was given peace and quiet to use the computer, my cousin went in to look at the History for a clue. Tough for him I both went on “incognito” and checked the history before I signed off.

      I know what you are saying about the blogging bringing joy to life. Frustrated as they were about not knowing the details, my family told me they haven’t seen me this animated or enthusiastic about something for a long time. And I feel it.


  5. First of all, i am extremely jealous that you are in the Hamptons. I have never been but it is on my wish list. I have been fortunate enough to stay on Martha’s Vineyard and i have a major ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ theme going on in my house (I watch the film regularly, not for the plot but for the locations and set design) 🙂

    Second of all, you have made me thankful my kids have outgrown the Smurfs.


  6. Sound like a lot of fun 😆
    A friend of mine discovered my blog last year accidentally and asked me via mail: Is this yours? and on one hand that was great because I want to talk about it but I think it also limits my writing that people who know me from real life know about it…
    Enjoy your holiday!


  7. Before I had my blogging name I posted something about Armitage on my RL Facebook page. Sadly, my friends, especially those who’ve made it to Facebook status, know my obsessive nature, and were not the least bit shocked. I’m very out. The problem is that I have to restrain myself from talking as much about it as I would like. Even if RL people know about my Armitaging, they really don’t want to hear about it all the time!!


  8. Then you have good friends who understand you. I think I’ll continue to rely on you and others in this community for support and sharing this particular activity.


  9. Loose lips sink ships. That is what I live by. Other than Mr. 70 and the three boys (who don’t know everything) no one in RL knows. Of my boys sons 2 and 3 know more, but don’t say a thing. I am around people who would think that I am off my rocker, but what things do they do that they don’t want any one to know about? So I too will stick to my on-line friends to know about my Richarding. We get it!


    • I don’t think people get it the fangurling. Porn they may not like, but for the most part get. But the same people would not understand that you can have friends on-line too.


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