Bookies Give Richard Armitage 7 to 1 Odds to Land Batman Role

Reprinted by The Richard Armitage Daily  Richard Armitage is now in the middle of the pack for the role of Batman, with new hopefuls surfacing.


13 thoughts on “Bookies Give Richard Armitage 7 to 1 Odds to Land Batman Role

  1. This is kind of amazing. The best odds I ever saw given for him to play Bond was 50 to 1 (that was a few years ago, though).


    • Yeah- because they’re real bookies in the business of making money – BUT I wonder if the fact that they’re a Birmingham concern has anything to do with it. I’d like to know whether London bookies are taking book on this.
      Here we go again…


  2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in a lead role in Synder’s, The Watchmen a few years ago. Ryan Gosling at 2:1? Well, that would certainly release me from any desire to see the film. I like Henry Cavilll and I didn’t bother with The Man of Steel.


  3. Ryan Gosling with black hair? And isn’t he too slight for the role? Not only haven’t I heard of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but I never heard of the Watchmen either. What does your son say about all of this?


  4. I can’t see Gosling in that role…Robin? Sure but Batman? Confession time…I only know about The Watchmen (another comic book movie) because I had taken note of Morgan as Hilary Swank’s Irish lover in “PS, I Love You” with Gerard Butler.

    My son is totally disinterested in comics…my husband loves these movies but he doesn’t pay attention to casting at all, just picks or pans the final result.


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