*ooof*: Smug Armitage at a Party

In case you missed it, Judiang wrote a wonderful sketch about what was going on in the subject’s mind during the shoot for the photo Guylty discusses. Not to be missed  here  
And Vote AGAIN for Armitage. 

Me + Richard Armitage

Hello! I am back in the fold, at last and gladly, but strangely also “with reluctance”. That is no reflection on this lovely community. Quite the contrary, there is nothing better than fangirling in a medium-sized horde. I’d meet up with any of you at the drop of a hat (and I did during my hols – a big hug to the wonderful Linda60!). Heck, I’d go on group therapy with you any day, ladies, as I’ve said before. But sometimes Armitage gets a bit too close for comfort I let Armitage get to me, and I need to step back. The enforced distance due to connectivity issues was partly self-induced but did *not quite* work as well as I thought. Maybe I should’ve left the “prospective *ooof* prints” at home… But in a way I was half-glad to have missed the immediacy of the Wellington wrap-up reports. As a…

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3 thoughts on “*ooof*: Smug Armitage at a Party

      • Spot on! That is exactly the kind of interaction that makes a fandom special. We should establish who is open to such “cross-blog projects” and try more. It creates links and bonds among bloggers, introduces readers to other platforms and generally widens the horizon.


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