One Month Anniversary- What I’ve Learned

Today is one month since Armitage Agonistes launched with “Staged Is Here and So is Armitage Agonistes.” This will be the 13th post published. Four drafts and 16 attempts  in the trash have yet to see the light of day.

I’m taking a lunch break now – I’m waiting for fish, no chips, to be delivered.

I have to make it fast, lunch and writing, because I’ve got three matters to complete in the next 5 hours. I’ts always a Hobson’s Choice for me, where to write The  laptop is newer and faster, and has an already impressive library of Armitage pics, but with no mouse and a keyboard that sticks, I spend more time editing than I should.   The  desktop keyboard has been my companion for 7 years and I can bang out 65 WPM. So here I am.

Obligatory Richard Armitage Photo Source-R.A.Central

Obligatory Richard Armitage Photo

I’ll only have time to hit a few points. I’m giving myself  a respite from my usual practice of multiple edits, reorganizations, reworkings, stopping to find links and sources,  searching for the image -all the stuff that results in  my substantive posts taking an average of 12 hours to get from my brain to your Reader – and in two cases – which are skewing the stats – it took 25 hours to get a post published.

Here goes.

•  I go to sleep a lot later. I like to see what Australia and New Zealand have to say about my latest attempts. In fact, I find myself throughout the day thinking – LA is just getting up; it’s lunchtime in the UK – I feel like MSNBC -trying to hit the news cycles.

•  Other bloggers are really helpful. I receive semi-weekly tutorials on image editing and uploading ( “click to enlarge” is still a failure), using social media to publicize; reading stats; you name it. And I am not a quick learner. I get really sound advice on the substance of my posts, both before and after. I only listen 1/2 the time, but I’m going to change that. I’m not mentioning names, but the tutors know who they are.  I could not and will  not be able to continue to do this without you. I am trying to be more self-sufficient.

• I haven’t mastered anything yet, except the WordPress Reader. I can read like a pro.

• Now I remember why I didn’ t pursue a career as a novelist. Writing for this blog is really hard for me- except right this minute. Probably because I impose unnecessary rules and standards on myself – maybe not necessary for this venue. The most well-received posts were the ones that just flew off my fingers- from the desktop- not the laptop. The posts I struggled over – my opuses -( opi?) not so much.

• Other bloggers are really helpful. By reblogging and shouting out  my work, by tweeting me, my numbers are growing. New names show up in my comments – all to my delight.

• I will never like FaceBook- but you can find Armitage Agonistes there – just don’t expect much. Feel free to post. Tumblr remains a mystery, but I’m there also. Expect even less.

• I haven’t found my voice- both as to what I want to say and how best to say it.  I might be more successful in a different niche from the one I envisioned when I started.

• Sometimes, this isn’t about Richard Armitage at all – he’s a vehicle to drive me onto other roads, into alleyways, up hills, down driveways.

•I’ve learned a new way to look at TV seasons, miniseries, all his work. I will never again have the raw pleasure of just watching something for the first with joyful abandon if Richard Armitage is in it. That may happen the second or third time. I get anxious. I have watched the same scenes countless times.

•There’s not enough written about his performances and his work. I want to write some of it- but I also want to read more, and it’s not there.

• I have only dipped my toe into the fandom.  Almost of all of what I’ve encountered has been positive. But not everything and not everyone. As in every other walk of life, no matter where one goes, works, lives, whatever community one joins – there are difficult people, harsh people. There are always those others who don’t want to let you live.

This is  new stuff I’ve learned:

Technical : capping, giffing, captioning;  basic photo editing; programming; following; monitoring; curating; moderating; publicizing. Not even close yet – audio ( I am burning to post a particular audio-focused number-it’s completely composed in my head) and video. Original videos on this blog will probably never happen. Almost there “click to enlarge.”

Lunch is over.

This calls for A Round of Applause

This calls for A Round of Applause

50 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary- What I’ve Learned

  1. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time either 😉 take for example the wrap around text, grr! I just gave up on that *laughs* often times what we want to be good at and what we are good at are two different things. I love to talk about the characters and the different styles of film, etc. but to write that all of the time would be so much pressure! (from myself, mostly) I think you touched upon something very important in this post though: the posts that just fly off your fingers are the ones that seem to be the most well received. most of us already know a good deal about RA and his works, what we don’t know is how they relate to you 🙂


    • Thanks for weighing in Kelbel. I found that if I edit in Text rather than Visual there is more control over formatting –most of the time.
      And thanks for the writing advice — helpful as usual.


    • I think that’s a bit the nature of the genre — people tend to continue reading blogs because they are interested in (positively or negatively) the blogger’s POV.


  2. I read your posts with interest. Richard Armitage is an extremely versatile actor, I also enjoy his audiobooks. So please keep on with your good work.


  3. Hey, look at it this way: You’re several steps ahead of someone like me. I’d like to start a blog, use facebook for something other than collecting kitty pics (though I LOVE them ;-)) and I really would like to understand tumblr…but I can’t see any of that happening as I just don’t see myself having enough time to devote to understanding any of that before I retire – and that is a long time away still. Technology will have progressed to thought transfer by them probably.
    What I am trying to say: Congrats of the anniversary. May it be the 1st of many. 🙂


  4. Yay, Perry!! Good job! One month and 13 posts – great! I love your blog! Not many people comment on my blog, so it doesn’t seem to matter how quickly I write my posts! LOL I do have 50 followers, though, which seems good to me. I am so grateful for those who do comment! I love blogging!


  5. That makes sense. Like Marieastra, I’m on most of the media sites as of yesterday and my email is loaded, absolutely loaded, with people who want to be friends or follow. I assume they are Armitage fans. So I feel now that a very small number of us are actually and potentially writing for a large audience. As a newbie, it’s daunting.


    • But keep in mind that the audiences is quite (unsurprisingly) segmented. The numbers are a lot smaller for a blogger than for the documentation / aggregation sites. I have ca. 10% of the followers that has on twitter, for example, and not all of those people come to my blog either often or even occasionally. The point of social media is really to put your stuff out there, but the proportion of people who take advantage of it is always much smaller.


  6. Congratulations Perry- well done. You’ve accomplished a lot in the last month. Sorry for keeping you up late sometimes- it’s those pesky time zones. Today’s been a great day to be close to NZ time though!


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    • Thank You Watergirl- what a really nice message. I’m sure there’s a disorder for following the last days of Armitage ( and Company) filming, but I haven’t thought of it yet. I suppose we’re all waiting for news of the next big project- Armitage Resurrection Syndrome??


  8. Congratulations on your one month anniversary. I thoroughly enjoy your writing and look forward to each new post. The Armitage Disorders had me rolling on the floor and,of course, I am afflicted with several strains.


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